Lake Menomin and the Menomonie Library

A warm day, and a hotter breeze
Green film atop the water
The crunch of nuts we tread over
Ungreen leaves and too-green lake
and with the algae’s odor
the lake is oddly still

Connor B.

Upon entering Menomonie, Lake Menomin is immediately visible. From a distance, this scenic lake appears beautiful and clear, but, upon closer inspection, is found to be covered in a thick layer of algae. This dense film floats on the water like a bright green blanket. As unpleasant as this algae is, it adds beauty to the lake in its own way. Lilly pads lay in the algae, creating a picturesque scene as though an artist painted green around them. However, the smell of decomposing algae and the sheer density of it takes away from the lake’s beauty. Standing at the lake shore, the algae collects by the docks and along the shore, but, looking across the lake, the water reflects the scenery around the lake, creating a beautiful scene amidst the algae blooms.

Crystal B.

First, my group went to the park and looked at Lake Menomin. The lake was very beautiful, but it smelled bad because of the algae on the edges of the lake. The alga was very green and it almost looked like a film that was over the lake. After going to the lake we went to the library, which had a nice overlook of Lake Menomin. The library was also very quiet and peaceful. Overall I really liked going to the library and Lake Menomin with my group.

Karli B.

While walking to the lakeside park, my senses picked up many sounds, sights, and especially smells. The day was very hot and the sun was relentless. The sense I experienced first was the loud chirps and squeaks of bugs in a bush. I found it very odd that bugs would be so noisy in the middle of the day. When we finally reached the lake a putrid smell wafted into my nostrils. It was definitely a warning to prepare us for how green and algae filled the lake really was. Thankfully we didn’t linger near the lake for too long.

Molly B.

As we walked down the hill and entered the park the first feeling you encounter is an overcoming, calm, peaceful atmosphere. We were the only people down in that area and thanks to my lack of smelling capabilities, it was an undisturbed beauty. For our second stop we went to the local library where we were welcomed by the cool air conditioning. Once there we talked to the librarian and learned about the different programs that they offered including a visit by an author who writes scary stories. These two stops helped me get to know Menomonie better and some of the things that I have available to me within walking distance of campus.

Alexa B.


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