Menomonie Churches Near Campus

Around Stout it could be easy to be a face lost in the crowd. Having the ability to see all
that the city of Menomonie offers based on religion is very beneficial. The
mass amount of religious options makes living at Stout feel like home. Within
college some may become lost in their faith, and it is nice to know Stout is
here to help that not happen. With the many different options and mission
groups, you will never feel alone.

–         Raelynn S.

It was quickly apparent as we toured the various churches around the Menomonie area that there is a very lively Christian community awaiting the Stout students. With at least 6
different parishes only a short walk away from campus, there are plenty of
convenient opportunities for student ministry, fellowship, and even free meals. The majority of these buildings display beautiful stained-glass windows dating
as much as 120 years, and two of the congregations themselves are celebrating
150 years! A tour of these sites is well worth it to any student interested in
Christian community or even the history of Menomonie.

–         Alex S.

The thing that struck me about all the area churches was the friendly rivalry they shared. It’s an old joke that Christian denominations are at odds, and it hasn’t always been funny, but today in Menomonie there appears to be a communal attitude. Several churches have
changed hands over the years, and many share architectural motifs, not to
mention doctrine. Throughout the day, Catholics dispelled popular misconceptions about their worship held by Protestants, while the Lutherans
acknowledged the strong stylistic debt they owe to Rome. Overall, I found the
friendly demeanor shared by area leaders a refreshing contrast to the sometimes
stuffy, competitive attitude that can exist between denominations.

–         Shane R

The tour of the churches of Menomonie during the City as Text orientation pushed me
to explore a more three-dimensional definition of Menomonie as a city. Until
that point, I had only thought of it as a “college town” and everything that
that term implies, both positively and negatively. But as I’m sure it was
intended to, the trip from church to church revealed another side of the city.
The sheer number of programs that the church provides paint a picture of
Menomonie’s spiritual side, which challenges the notion of a typical “college
town”. I was also impressed at the number of outreach programs designed to
reach college students, including free meals. These programs not only feed
students physically, but spiritually as well, and show that the churches and
the city itself are investing in the city in more ways than one.

–         Hannah S

The churches in Menomonie each had an interesting historical background. Some were over one hundred years old and others had basements converted into retro coffee shops. I
found the religious variety and settings of the churches to be welcoming and rich
in their community values.

–         Amanda S.

I enjoyed learning about all the history behind churches in the area. I find it very interesting. I also liked learning about the Himalayan house, it’s very different than the usual religions represented in the area.

–         Sarah S.

Menomonie has a variety of churches aimed towards people of all different denominations and each church provides a history in the area, religious outreach, and outreach programs or events aimed towards students.

–         Elizabeth S.

At the churches it was cool to look at the stain glass and learn what it stands for. One of the
churches has been open for 150 years.

–         Courtney S


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