Red Cedar Trail

Red Cedar Trail
The Red River Cedar state Trail was an amazing experience. Although it was hot outside, the town life compared to the scenic smell of trees was different. Everything was a lot more calm and relaxing. The atmosphere was really soothing and the walk itself wasn’t far from campus. As I sat down ants and red backed daddy long legs would crawl all over my feet. The sound of cicadas echoed throughout the entire forest of trees. I tried looking for a four leaf clover but it just didn’t happen. Turns out those are a lot harder to find than I thought

Rachel V.

Red Cedar Trail is an amazing place to go to just get away and relax.  It has awesome scenery and nature.  For example, you can see ducks playing in the river, birds chirping in the trees, and butterflies on all the pretty yellow flowers.  These trails are also nice to for taking walks or going for bike rides.  Also, for people who enjoy fishing, there is a nice river that flows right alongside of these trails.

Mariah W.

Today for our outing we went to the Red Cedar State Trail.  Although I haven’t been on campus a full week, this is my third time here.  As always, it is extremely peaceful and quiet.  I enjoy being able to walk about in nature, even though it was terrifying when I found a caterpillar on my finger.  This park really reminds me of a park back home called Oxbow.  I always had my cross country practices there.  I’m very grateful that places such as this are still being preserved for people to appreciate.  I am particularly looking forward to seeing how this area will look in the fall with all the breathtaking leaves changing color.  A place that is already gorgeous in just green must be outstandingly exquisite in an array of colors.  In addition, this is the first place I can remember seeing blue dragonflies.  They aren’t usually in my way; they just flit about before they continue on their journey.  They are very pretty to look at.  I will continue to take advantage of this beautiful area for running and walks.  I hope that others will be able to find as much joy and serenity in it as I have!

Michelle T.

I love the outdoors and nature, so I enjoyed this trip to Red Cedar Trail. The quantity of spiders, animal homes, and rare wonders, like the cicada skeleton, took me by surprise and made me fall in love with the area even more. New surprises lurk in every hole, on every tree, and in each foot of grass and they are all amazing. I really loved it!

Morgan W.

The Red Cedar Trail is a quiet area a short walk from campus. During our time there, the sun beat down on us reminding us that summer hasn’t quite left yet, and at the same time, dry leaves were being taken from the trees at the slightest breeze. Flowers along the hill leading to the river were dried and wilting from the combination of too much sun and too little water, and the leaves on trees and shrubs were changing from their vibrant green to the colors of fall. On the Red Cedar River, a single boat was fishing from the murky water. The park’s pavilion was being used for a picnic, and other visitors to the area were enjoying one of the last warm days before the inevitable cold weather.

Sam T.

Coming from Colorado, I was not sure what to expect.  Although I left behind the mountains, Red Cedar Trail helped me discover Menomonie has many opportunities to explore nature.  The trail runs along the river and is surrounded by towering pine trees.  In the heat of the day, not many animals were out but we did manage to see butterflies fluttering in the bright sun rays.  I realize that if I need to escape the sound of garbage trucks beeping from my dorm window, I can walk down to the river and listen to the peaceful sounds of nature.  Knowing this, Menomonie is starting to feel like home.

Amy L.

Menomonie may be more known for its aromatic Lake Menomin or its many well-known coffee shops, but it should be known for the Red Cedar Trail.  On a nice day like today, we traveled to this paved, peaceful trail.  It was extremely relaxing and beautiful. There was interesting insect life and many towering trees to keep the ground level cool.  I recommend visiting the Red Cedar trail if you ever need a place to just get away and unwind.

Frances V.

As college students many become stressed about keeping up with homework, projects, and staying active in the different organizations. However, a majority of college students fail to see the simplicities in life and how to distress from such frustrations. One way to do so is to take a stroll along the Red Cedar Trail. Getting in tune with nature is a great way to relax and forget about ones’ worries. Many students plan their life step by step in order to achieve their goal. Even so, taking a step back and looking at the simplicities in nature given to the public for free is helpful to maintain sanity. Whether it’s sitting on the plush grassy grounds or leisurely walking along the river, taking a step back and enjoying the sceneries in life can truly encourage people to stay positive and maintain ones stress levels. With a change in attitude, a simple stroll in the Red Cedar Trail can inspire some to look outside the box by using the simplicities found in the life of nature.

Kimberly Y.

I don’t regularly take long walks, on the beach or otherwise.  I’m from Milwaukee.  There isn’t all that much green there.  Walking along the Red Cedar Trail, though…everything was green.  Including the water.  Algae aside, the greenery along the trail was a nice change from the city.  Peaceful is probably the best way I could describe it, the exact opposite of my normal surroundings.  I approve.

Dylan T.

 My group went to the red cedar state trail. I think that if you are an outdoors type, then this is the place for you. We saw squirrels, a caterpillar and too many spiders to count.  It was interesting to talk about the surrounding places like the Swiss Miss factory. Their hot chocolate is only made here in Menomonie!

Lucas Z.


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