Downtown Menomonie

I had the pleasure of taking a tour of the sights and sounds of downtown Menomonie. We explored the many local shops and restaurants, learned of local attractions, and discovered the beauty of the majestic Mabel Tainter theatre. After a busy day at school, finding things to do for leisure will not be a problem. I know I will be spending a lot of time at La Dee Da, the quaint little gift shop filled with knick-knacks, student made jewelry, and locally crafted gifts. The tour of downtown Menomonie lifted the stress of uncertainty I was feeling being in a new town. With these places to go, I feel more at home and comfortable with my surroundings. My experience at Stout is sure to be a great one. -Meghan L.

While talking amongst a group of friends one started off his sentence with, “When I get back to real life”. Although we were all in “real life” we all understood what he meant. Your first couple days of college it seems like you are under a bubble which consists of only the campus.  Today while taking the first steps out of that bubble it felt like we were in a whole different place. Menomonie may be small but it has some pretty interesting places. A lot of the restaurants and markets have locally grown produce which I found awesome because I believe in supporting the “little people”. There were also a couple of cool bike shops because biking is one of the easiest ways to get around town. My favorite places were the Mabel Theater and a shop called La Dee Dah. Although they are completely different types of places they were both very unique. The Mabel Theater is a theater that had a lot of history behind it and has a pretty neat art gallery. La Dee Dah is this little shop that sells homemade jewelry, picture frames, candles, etc. There is also a movie theater and a couple of quaint coffee shops. So if you ever want to get out of the college bubble downtown Menomonie can be your escape. -Julia K.

Seeing Menomonie as more than a campus or college was quite the experience.  Being able to view all the stores and sites that are available to both student body and public persons was a fantastic idea.  Knowing that there is a Co-op and nice restaurants nearby is wonderful to know so that I am not limited to just being stranded on the campus.  The theater house was quite a sight and knowing the ghost stories and history behind it made it all the more interesting.  Visiting the bike shops was a good thing because now I know where to pick up emergency equipment if my bike would break down or if I wanted to purchase items for disk golfing and what-not. The antique store was very cool and a sweet place to find objects for dorm rooms.  Discovering all the cafes and ‘hang-out’ spots was a plus so that I can start to spend some of my time off campus without having to use my car.  The best part was learning that a little piece of home was just within walking distance of this nice little town, Menomonie Wisconsin. -Ryan K.

When I think of a small town, home comes to mind. Going to college, I was thinking I would lose and miss that small town feel that I had grew up with and loved. My group for city as text was able to walk downtown and I was surprised; the people, sights, sounds, and smell even, all reminded me of home. The businesses lining the streets all had a very friendly and home-like atmosphere. That feeling I previously thought only existed in my hometown; I felt everywhere. It was refreshing to know that I wasn’t the only one who had an experience like this on our little excursion around town. There is also so much history in Menomonie, from the lake and all the changes it has seen, to The Memorial, to Stout itself. I really enjoyed our trip and learning this new area. I cannot wait to get out and explore some more for myself. -Jordan L.

I had a great time on my tour of downtown Menomonie.  My favorite part was exploring the Mabel Tainter Theater.  As I walked under the stone carvings and through the door, I felt as if I was taking a step back in time.  It was like nothing I had ever seen before, from the wooden seats to the huge drapes and window seats.  It also amazes me that they still perform plays there, even though it is a memorial to Mabel Tainter and is so old.  I would definitely suggest visiting the Mabel Tainter if you ever have some spare time.   It’s an experience that I will never forget. -Katherine K.

Our group explored the downtown area of Menomonie. We got to spend a while in the Mabel Tainter Theatre, which was beautiful with its antique, artsy decor. The rest of our afternoon was taken up by looking in various shops along Menomonie’s streets. Places like The Raw Deal, Acoustic Cafe, and Menomonie Market Co-op were especially impressive in the way they utilized local produce and natural ingredients. In almost every store we went into, there was some sign of local flavor, whether it was homemade jewelry or art created by students at UW-Stout. All in all, exploring downtown was a great experience for me because it gave me the sense that being a community and using local resources is very important to the people of Menomonie. –Isabel L.

What I found most interesting about the trip was all of the organic, healthy, and locally grown food available. College students don’t get much of that, and they should know more about it. I like The Raw Deal and how it sells raw food because cooking takes away nutrition. Plus, it’s a nice place to relax, do homework, and have some coffee. Even Legacy Chocolates has fresh chocolate without the harsh chemicals. I’m impressed with the town’s style of trying to be healthy and more organic. Even the La Dee Dah shop has locally-made items. That was my favorite stop and a great place to buy gifts. -Kensie L.

Coming to Menomonie, I expected a small town with not much to do except for the occasional coffee shop, grocery store, and a small clothing outlet.  However, by touring downtown Menomonie, I discovered that that was not the case.  Out of all the places that we toured, La Dee Dah was my favorite.  It was a cute little outlet that had everything from jewelry made out of silverware to your basic picture frames and books.  What was most inspiring to me was a sign that said “Spending Time with Friends and Family…Priceless.”  This just goes to show that you should live your life to the fullest and realize that your family and friends are everything and that they do not come with a price tag. –Brianna K.

Menomonie is not just the dinky little College town that many may think it is. It holds many places in it with rich history as well as new sensations and experiences that everyone can relate to. On our tour the first few stores we dropped by were locally owned and had a comforting feeling to them. The bike shops are perfect for this town with their many commuters that utilize bikes. The next major stop on our tour was Mable Tainter Theater, which I would have to say was my favorite stop. We took a self-tour of the establishment and found the building to hold rich details of its past. The most interesting part of the building was the ghost stories that it held. Of course as we read they did explain that the sandstone has a phenomenon of storing small bits of electrical currents or other sources of energy. But I still believe the place could have supernatural connections. The rest of our tour led us to places like the Acoustic Cafe and Legacy Chocolates. I very much liked the fact that one can receive a free truffle on your birthday at Legacy Chocolates.  So many other places happened to catch my eyes, but maybe I’ll just have to show you sometime. -Wang L.

I am here at UW-Stout. The campus has a lot to offer with many activities and more fun to experience, but the city of Menomonie is just right around the corner with much to offer. Our main stop of the day was the Mabel Tainter Theatre. I was amazed, as I’m sure my group was as well, to see the vast ornate carvings, curtains, and woodworking. Students often do not venture far off campus, so it was interesting to see places that are worth making the hike. The theatre was like stepping back in time. It was good to see that some of the buildings from years ago are still being taken care of and cherished in the community. As well as touring the Mabel Tainter Theatre, our group wandered in and out of bookstores, antique stores, eateries, and shops. This tour was interesting as well as informative about local businesses that might have otherwise gone undiscovered by us students. -Katerina M.


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