Govin’s Farm

Govin’s farm reminds me of home. The old blacktop roads surrounded by tall walls of corn leading to the farm feel comfortable and familiar. Directions on the promotional flyer, “Do not use a map or GPS program, you will not get here”, make me laugh as I remember friends who have made this mistake in attempting to reach my home in the past. As we exit the bus, four massive dogs greet us with tails wagging, followed by a small, excitable, black dog holding a Frisbee. We are introduced to the farm, then instructed to explore. We see alpacas with shaved backs, legs and heads left unshaved, that resemble emo-rock-stars; a small goat begs for attention as a miniature pony meanders along the back of the barn. A 740lb pig had given birth recently, and her young ones shuffle around a small pen filled with Oreos that the farmers were unsuccessfully using to convince them to race for an audience. An apple tree grows near the large “jumping pillow”; half of our group decides to check out the pillow as the other half heads towards the impressive 6-acre corn maze. The “jumping pillow” turns out to be a giant, inflatable, rubber pillow in a rink surrounded by sand and a gate. As one person jumps on one side of the pillow, the wave of air sends a person on the other side flying into the air. Jumpers learn to time leaps in order to jump the highest, rather than ending up on the wrong side of a bounce, legs locked, falling over. One of the farmers joins, and quite a comical sight ensues. As jumpers wear out, the mini-golf course next to the “jumping pillow” and apple tree obtains more players. After this, the original two groups switch places so both get equal chances to explore all of the different entertaining aspects of this farm that hosts not only corn, pumpkins, strawberries, and livestock, but a mini-golf course and a fantastic jumping pillow! After the hour-long visit ends, we leave hoping to return soon – what a great aspect of Menomonie to explore! A calming, family-friendly place to escape work and school for some fun or relaxation is surely a great asset to such a small Wisconsin town.

-Sierra C.

Govin’s Farm is a good representation of Menomonie’s community because the people (and animals) there make you feel welcome. Upon arriving, we were greeted with a group of dogs that were very friendly and playful. John and Julie Govin, the owners, also came up to greet us and went over the history of the farm with us. After that we were allowed to roam around and check out the different parts of the farm. About half of us went over to see the animals first and we saw alpaca, a goat, a miniature horse, sheep, and even pigs. Later on we went to the jumping pillow, which was lots of fun, played a round of mini-golf, and went through the corn maze. I loved being able to experience the fun Govin’s Farm had to offer because the whole atmosphere was inviting and I think people of all ages are capable of having a good time.

-Emma S.

When I was first told we were going to Govin’s Farm, I wasn’t very excited. What is at a farm to be excited about? There might be some animals or a barn or a vast expanse of land, but there wouldn’t be anything fun to do. I was never more wrong. At Govin’s Farm, there was a barn, animals, and a lot of land, but there was so much more! There was a corn maze designed to support the end of Alzheimer’s, pig races, a jumping pillow, a pumpkin cannon, mini golf, and so much more! Govin’s Farm definatley blew my expectations right out of the water and I would recommend every one to go there. I certainly will be going again!

-Sean D.

Placed a comfortable five or so minutes outside the main cluster of Menomonie businesses, Govin’s Farm provides the perfect fall get-a-way. Each year Govin’s dedicates their immense eight acre corn maze to charity or sport recognition by cutting specific pictures into their fields, this year’s charity being Alzheimer’s.  John and Julie, Govin’s owners, and their Pyrenees giants’ friendly faces invite all visitors onto their land to take part in the festivities that are the “jumping pillow”, vast array of farm animals, hay rides, miniature golf, and three acres of pumpkins weighing in at one to one hundred pounds. The environment is homey and the owners like longtime friends igniting the warmth for the fall season.

-Nicole Ca.

Govin’s farm is great experience with a large variety of things to do. There is a corn maze of enormous size. The corn is much taller than one would expect at a height of about 10-12ft tall and it provides a very interesting effect, really giving a better perspective on the size of corn. There are also a wide variety of animals at Govin’s Farm including pigs, goats, alpacas, chickens, a miniature pony, and a large flock of lamps as well as 5 very friendly dogs. There are many different things that they farm throughout the year such as their lamps, pumpkins, strawberries, and corn. Additionally they have a miniature golf course and a Giant Bounce Pillow which is amazing fun. The whole of Govin’s Farm is a great experience that is a must try as well as being a good representation of how Menomonie is fun, unique, and family friendly.

-Mitch C.

Did not know what to expect beforehand, but glad we got to go!  From petting the variety of animals such as baby pigs, sheep, alpaca, and more.  To a challenging corn maze, mini golf, a large group sized pillow trampoline, pumpkin patch, hay rides, and tons of other fun things to try.  It is the perfect place to take a group of friends, or to even go to with a date.  I would defiantly recommend this destination; nice people, lots to do, overall good time.

-Nicole Ch.

John and Julie Govin run a huge farm just outside of town. With many activities to choose from, such as a corn maze, jumping pillow, or playing with cute farm animals, the Govin family hopes to not only provide fun for their guests, but also to teach them something about agriculture. This place is super fun and definitely a place to visit while in Menomonie!

-Taylor D.


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