Library and Lake Menomin


The public library of Menomonie is a wonderful aspect to the community. It provides a place for families and community members to use for both educational and entertainment resources. It offers several outdoor sitting areas overlooking the lake that are very calm and serene.

The lakeshore was a nice little area to get close to the lake. The lake itself was very green, but not as much as it has been in the past. I would like to revisit the lakeshore in the spring or summer to see the beautiful blue I have been told about. It is a great place for families to go for picnics and has a small dock you can fish off of.

Overall the library and lakeshore were both very pretty and relaxing and I would like to visit both of them in the future.


Lake Menomin, it was not a lake when the settlers arrived in this region, rather it is a result of the industry and lifestyle of those who first came. I had the privilege of experiencing the community, the paths, the streets and the places that they experienced. It may look different now, but there are still remnants of that powerful time of growth and expansion. I sat and looked at the marsh grass that I am sure they observed. I walked around the lake. I experienced what they experienced; they experienced what I experienced, and now, we are connected.


When at the library trying to decide what showed a sense of community, I was drawn to a sculpture of a seashell.  This sculpture was dedicated to those who have made donations to the library.  On the floor around it were the names of those who have donated.  Seeing the many names around the statue showed me how much this community cares about education and keeping books in their lives.

I would use the library as a place to relax.  Behind the library there is a bench overlooking the lake.  It was a very serene place.  It would be a great place to sit and think or do home work.  I can see myself spending a lot of time there while I am here at stout.


I think that the two places we went to really enhance the sense of community because they both are quite calm and peaceful sanctuaries that allow people to sit in a quiet place and relax. I have not used either of these places yet but plan to do so in the future to relieve stress in a quiet place.


The library and lake shore contribute to the sense of community here because they are accessible to everyone. They are places that the community can gather together and just enjoy the day.

I personally love to go the library because it’s a very quiet and welcoming place. It provides many books, magazines, cd’s, and movies to choose from. Having discovered the “secret garden” I will be visiting the library more often. I also enjoyed seeing the lake. The green color of the lake was very dissuading but it’s still a very beautiful view.


The library helps bring a sense of community to the area by being a place where one can organize meetings, and utilize the many resources available there. The lake serves as more of a quiet area, being a place where one can sever themselves from the community for a while.

I would utilize the lake and surrounding nature areas as a place to get away from school and other people when the load gets too much and I just need to get away for a little bit. It’s not the prettiest nature area I have ever seen, but it is close, and surprisingly quiet for its close location to the city.


I thought the library and lakeshore were places that I would feel comfortable going to for some alone time. To me, it seems that these places would feel like this to anyone, especially since in our group discussion we all said things like “peaceful” and “a place of serenity”. Therefore, these places could contribute to the community a place of escape. I would use these places to escape the busy noise of everyday life to get some alone time and just enjoy nature. Coming from a home where my only neighbors are trees, the lakeshore, with all of its natural beauty, is very welcoming. I would recommend anyone looking for a place to escape to go here and just enjoy nature for a little bit.



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