Spiritual Menomonie

Himalayan way,
Found a friend with free muffins,
Crashing church weddings.

– Brian S.

Silent, calm, and inviting with a smell of the Far East. For 10 years, one room in the Himalayan Meditation School has been like this, inspiring people to open their mind.
– Jennifer T.

The Spiritual Menomonie tour informed me that there are 25 different churches in town. We also learned about many different bible study options near campus. My favorite part was getting the chance to meditate and try tea at the meditation school.

– Alyssa S.

I do love muffins
meditation good for grades
squirrels are cool too

Public School
smell of Incense burned
Santji will show us the way
his house was nifty

Band Shell
It’s a shell for bands
Hands burn from the war of tugs
letting go is fun

– Tim S.

What we expected:

  • Learning about old buildings
  • Talking to every day church goers
  • Jesus

What we got:

  • Learning about unique, new places
  • Ten minutes of good-smelling silence
  • Chai tea

– Keaton V.

In and out, in and out. The pattern of my breathing was all that filled my head. Santji shared his belief that all you are is in your breathing. The meditation room, with the fragrant incense mixing with the cool breeze from outside the window, was a place of solace where his words were hauntingly true.

– Jeanette V.

Today we experienced many of the spiritual aspects of Menomonie. We learned about many of the Christian organizations including some others. It was a great introduction to the town and all together a good experience.

– Ray V.

Today I learned that there is a muffin lady that gives out muffins by Harvey Hall. Also that the old public school just off campus is a meditation center run by a Stout graduate. There are also many different ministries in the city of Menomonie.

– Alex V.

All you have is breath
Meditate to enlighten
And have some chai tea

– Chris S.

Free Muffins
The Muffin Lady
She is there every Monday
Too bad I have class

We just met Santji
He taught us meditation
He gave us some tea

– Michael T.


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