Dunn County Farmer’s Market & Stepping Stones

Farmer’s Market: The market brings a lot of people together for a common necessity at a cheap price. The food is usual produced by the vender or made by the vender. Everyone is friendly and open to talk. Once you enter the market you can see the freshness and variety. The market overall is a great place and brings all sorts of people to one location. Diversity is something everyone needs to experience!

Stepping Stones: Stepping Stones supplies food and services to families in need, but also to people who are just struggling at a time and need some help. Their mission is geared toward anyone who just generally is in need of help and not afraid of walking into Stepping Stones. They want to supply food, as a pantry, to people who are less fortunate. They definitely make a difference and are non-profit!

– Anonymous

Farmer’s Market: I found how the vendors are friendly very interesting. I guess I thought there would be competition because everyone has similar products. Also how cheap the prices are and the vendors said they would cut deals on a larger purchase. They also said they are doing this because they have enough and want to share the overstock with others. So unlike a grocery store they aren’t doing it solely to make money but to share their product with others!

Stepping Stones: What was very interesting was how organized and professional they were. They tried their best to make it as comfortable as possible. They have an area for kids to play as well as a greeting area. They don’t judge and serve anyone who is in need. They also have a large inventory and work with big companies like Wal-Mart! They are trying to work out new ways of serving people by expanding constantly. Remember this is non-profit so the idea of expansion means that they are growing and serving more people. They have volunteer forms for anyone who wants to help!

– Jack D.

The Farmer’s Market is a place of community because many people are coming together for a common purpose. People want to get fresh produce, and this is a wonderful and convenient way of doing so. The farmers market also is a place of much diversity.

Stepping Stones also contributes to the community by providing a large amount of food to individuals who are in need. Individuals are able to come on a schedule that fits their own lifestyle, not having to worry about whether or not they have gone too many times in a month. The community really wants to help one another be successful.

The farmers market is a huge attraction for me. Being a vegetarian, it is extremely nice to see that there is a place that I can go to in order to get reasonably priced produce. The variety of different vegetables was very impressive, as well as the size of the market itself. I found that atmosphere to be very warm and inviting; all of the vendors were very friendly.

I liked Stepping Stones because I am very interested in volunteer work and helping others. It’s nice to know that there is a place that I can go in my free time that is within walking distance of the dorms so that I can continue to reach out to the community that I am living in.

– Emily E.

Both the Farmer’s Market and Stepping Stones really help the community.  The Farmer’s Market is a place where everyone can come and get fresh foods, flowers, and more. The things the vendors sell are reasonably priced so anyone can buy them.  There are also many cultures and everyone is friendly and welcoming.  Stepping Stones works with local businesses and provides help for many people.  It’s a welcoming place that gives hope to everyone that walks in the door.  Also, there aren’t set times when you have to come, it’s whenever you need to come in.

The Farmer’s Market is a place where I can go to get fresh produce and other things.  It’s big and has a wide variety of foods and some flowers.  I like that the vendors are friendly and will say hi when one walks by and answer any questions that one may have.  Stepping Stones is really welcoming and has separate offices so it’s really private.  I like that they have a waiting room and a small area for kids to play.  There is also good lighting and paintings on the walls that brighten the place up.  Volunteering at Stepping Stones will help the community and make ones day brighter.

– Kate E.

The Farmer’s Market contributes because it is a place for people to sell and buy community grown food. It allows community members to meet and socialize as well as enjoy the fresh produce. The market has more variety and better prices for food than a local store.

I am attracted to the farmers market for its large variety of fresh produce. If I wanted vegetables of all sorts, Jam, Honey, or other home grown products. It is a good example of the community helping other members of the community with. The people were nice and many gave samples.

Stepping Stones is very community minded. It focuses on providing food for families that need it. It provides a variety of food and not only generic brands. Stepping Stones’ food pantry is very welcoming and often times get donations from individuals from the community.

Stepping Stones had a few major aspects that attracted me to it such as the fact it was set up like a store and brightly lit. It had a large waiting area and a private sign in area. The workers are very nice and often time develop good relations with the consumers. All of these add to the welcoming environment.

Kyler E.

Farmer’s Market: The cultural diversification is amazing at the market.  I am a freshman here at Stout and I rarely see a separate culture other than “white” on campus.  The major culture was Hmong at the market.  I would have never known that Menomonie had a major Hmong culture present if I had not gone to the market.  The farmers market brings the different lifestyles together.  Along with the Hmong, there was some Amish culture, along with the white culture.  The farmers market brings the cultures together in one place to put food on the tables of many.  The Amish were serving cheese curds and jellies, the white culture was serving barbeque, and the Hmong were serving loads of delicious vegetables.  Menomonie for its size holds many secrets that someone would not know without exploring everywhere around the city.  The farmers market brings some of these secrets to life in one convenient area offering a great sense of community.

Stepping Stones:  Stepping Stones is a symbol of hope for Menomonie.  People have been through hard times with the drop in the economy and are currently in a poor state.  This may mean they are low on income or have no income at all.  This place offers food and shelter for those who need it.  It can be exactly what a family could need to get back on their feet.  This place is here for the community, it wants everyone to succeed.  Everyone should be able to do so in America, it is proud to know that Menomonie supports that statement.


Farmers Market: The convenience of delicious, healthy food is very nice for a college student.  Since a college student is usually subjected to unhealthy food, it’s nice to know there is an option.  The colors were awesome.  The tomatoes, potatoes, melons, peppers, and lettuce made a rainbow of color.  It has a very happy atmosphere.  The farmer’s families were playing with each other, and they acted like they were there for you.  They were glad to answer some of my questions and proud to serve you food.  The Amish girl that was operating a cheese curd and jelly stand had a smile on her face the whole time I saw.  It was very fun.

Stepping Stones:  Right when I first walked in there was a peaceful, welcoming feel to it.  I knew they wanted me to come in.  They wanted to help.  Then past their reception desk there is a waiting room.  The waiting room has a computer for anyone that needs to use the internet which is a wonderful touch.  There was a pastry dish waiting their which is a wonderful treat.  My favorite thing I saw though was a kid play area.  If a family is using this facility it is safe to assume that they cannot afford child care.  It was also very private.  The food pantry area had loads of food and there was a huge warehouse area to store the other food.  Also farmers would come and donate some of their food.  This just shows that people do care.  Do get to the point this place is very appealing.  It is well setup and ready to help anyone in need.

– Mark F.

Honors orientation day has certainly gone into my memory as a “good day.” It was not a day of fun, but more of an observation day. Now that’s not to say fun wasn’t had, but it took a backseat in the day’s itinerary. In fact, it was more than an observation day. It was an exploration day, a day to discover the charms of Menomonie. Starting with the Farmer’s Market, it was rather refreshing to actually deal with people when looking for produce. Instead of a supermarket employee, you would be able to talk with the folks who grew the produce themselves. It may not seem like much on paper, but being able to meet the people who put the actual care into their products is nice. Then we moved onto Stepping Stones, a food pantry and homeless shelter. It was rather refreshing knowing that these services were easily accessible to people in need. And the highlight of the day came when we were near the end of the warehouse tour, and a farmer was dropping off tomatoes. These were tomatoes that could’ve easily been sold at the market, but he opted to donate them. That, to me, is a real sign of a good community.

– Michael W.

Market- The market is a place for local people to sell their grown or made food and for people from all over town and from different walks of life to get together and learn about each other and their different cultures.

Stepping Stones- Stepping Stones is an organization that is built around helping impoverished people in getting food on their table and finding somewhere to live, it also gives people the chance to volunteer and help those in need.

– Anonymous

Market- The market appeals to me because of the fresh fruits and veggies that you cannot find at a store and the prices are more than fair.

Stepping Stones- Stepping Stones appealed to me because it not only helps those who need it but lets other members of the community help those people.

– Austin F.


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