Goodwill & Wal-Mart

Venturing to Good will and Walmart showed me how their goals are influenced by what the community needs.  I learned how important and helpful goodwill is to the community by how it helps give jobs to those who cannot find employment.  They give these people a chance to raise money like anyone else.  Good will also strives to get use of all its donated goods so they do not end up in the trash.  They are sold, mostly so only 6% actually ends up being thrown away.  They work in the community of Menonomie to help bring jobs and also donate money to those who are struggling on providing for themselves.  GoodWill takes 22% to run but the rest 78% goes back into Menomonie’s community.  Walmart also is a good place where they do look at building Menomonie as a community by donating money to the local elementary schools and local food shelf.  They not only donate but provide crucial jobs in the community.  Many people lives are affected by in Menomonie by these businesses, they really are here and have this communities best interest at heart.

– Kelly O.

Goodwill and Walmart ended up turning out to be more green and giving than I thought them to be.  For Goodwill, 85 percent of their merchandise has to be donations in order to be a non-profit business. 94 percent of all merchandise is recycled and sold to customers.  What isn’t sold, goes to charities and third world countries. They also hire people with disabilities who cannot get jobs elsewhere.  They are able to work there and also learn important work-related skills such as job interviews.  For Walmart, all their products come in cardboard boxes and once those boxes are empty, they recycle them.  As for the community, Walmart recently gave $3,000 gift cards to teachers at an elementary school to purchase school supplies for the students.  I thought that was really cool that Walmart did that.  As for me, I will definitely be giving these two places my business and purchasing some of their products when the time comes that I would need it.  After all, Halloween is coming up and Goodwill is a good place to get a decent priced costume, and Walmart is a good place to get all of my college essentials.

– Mykenna P.

Both Goodwill and Walmart are so essential to our community because they provide us with goods that we need to survive. Everyone that enters is going in for a need or want; this creates a common bond over the whole consumer market. People from all walks of life shop at Walmart and Goodwill for things that they need, they may be different products but they are all there for the same reason. These businesses also create a better sense of community for Menomonie because they are supporting the community in financial and other ways. Walmart recently donated $3,000 in Walmart gift cards to local teachers to help them buy extra school supplies for their classrooms. Goodwill is a non-profit organization that employs people that have no other job opportunities. Goodwill and Walmart also recycle everything they can’t use, which is appreciated by the community and Mother Nature. I personally use this area to attend school and create my home for the next year. A welcoming factor is the small town appeal, with the cute downtown and locally owned shops and restaurants. Menomonie seems like a perfect fit for Stout and I am happy to call it home for the next four years!

– Sydney N.

We went to Goodwill and Wal-Mart. At both places we were warmly welcomed and they gave us a tour of their backrooms. Then we had a chance afterwards to look around their main floors. From the very begin of the tours it was clear that they were genuinely happy to show us around and not bothered by the fact that we were taking time out of their day. I am from a bigger town and businesses are not as concerned with every customer because there are so many people in the town, and coming through the town, so this was a pleasant change. It’s nice that the community wants to help each other out so much. The sense of community is apparent the second you walk into one of these businesses. The main thing I noticed was that the stores appreciate the community support and they use every chance they get to give back. We also learned about other ways that the two businesses gave back to the community. Goodwill sells everything it can and then the small percent of the things Goodwill is unable to sell it sends to third world countries. They try to throw out as little as possible. They also sell 85% donated goods and only 21% of profits go back into running the store. The rest of the profit goes back to the community and to charities. Our Wal-Mart tour was short and she was not able to tell us all the ways that Wal-Mart gives back to the community, but I learned that they recycle all of the boxes that the products are shipped in. They also have donated gift cards to local school teachers and donated food. This was a great way to learn about Menomonie and the town seems great so far.

– Erin P.

Goodwill gives people a place to buy good used items for a cheap price.  This helps people that can’t afford the closes at higher priced stores.  It also makes as little waste as possible by recycling the items as much as possible.  The store its self was very welcoming because it looked in good shape and was well kept.  Also, the prices for the items were welcoming.       Wal-Mart has numerous good in one convenient place which makes the community not have to travel to a lot of places for what they want.  It is a welcoming store because they have a good service there and you can find almost anything you want.  One dissuade thing about the store though is that it is so huge and would be hard to find anything for people who are going there for their first time.

– Michael O.

Goodwill contributes greatly to the Menomonie community.  Through my tour I learned that 94% of their products are recycled.  Leaving only 6% to be sent to the landfill.  That is a very impressive statistic in today’s society.  In order to be a non-profit organization 85% of Goodwill’s products must be donations.  I think it is really great that the Goodwill organization is so involved in the community.  They give out free vouchers for those that truly need things.  They also hold free clinics for people of the community.  I also think it is wonderful that only 20% of revenue goes back to the business.  The other 80% goes back out into the community.  Walmart also is a big contributor to the Menomonie area.  They recycle all their boxes, and there is a lot of them.  Recently, Walmart donated $3,000 to local elementary school teachers to help them buy school supplies.  Both of these great establishments really care about their employees and their community. I think that the Menomonie area is a very welcoming and wonderful area.  The sense of community really shines through in the businesses and people.  Just from my brief touring of a couple of the businesses of Menomonie, it is easy to see the caring and teamwork that happens in the inner workings of Menomonie.  It is so great that the businesses give back to the community just as much as the community gives back to the businesses.  I am happy to call myself a resident of this welcoming and open community for the next four years or so.

– Kara O.

After exploring through Goodwill and Wal-Mart I realized how much they actually contribute to the community. Goodwill helps locals who may not have the ability to get a job by providing them with one. Not only that, their products are not expensive which allows people from every class to afford it. Anything that is not sold at Goodwill is then donated to 3rd world countries which is another example of them giving back not only to the community but the world. Wal-Mart is also very good at working with the community and providing for all its needs. Last year Wal-Mart donated $3000 to local school teachers in gift cards for school supplies. This shows how Wal-Mart works both ways, we buy products from them and keep the businesses going and they give back to the community in different ways like donating money. Both stores are really into going green and try their best to recycle and donate everything they can we can only help the community. Overall I think Menomonie’s community is well rounded and willing to give back to the people. The city provides many things to do and along with that the essentials of everyday life which are often sold at Goodwill and Wal-Mart.

– Jamie W.

It was a great experience getting to see the behind the scenes of the Menomonie Wal-Mart and Good Will. Both businesses are accepted by the community because they provide jobs, recycle, and help support places such as schools in the Menomonie area. It was interesting to see the processes of keeping the businesses running, since my time in these stores is usually focused on getting my needs and leaving. Wal-Mart contributes to the community because it donates money to the school system. Good Will is a good place for recycling goods or buying items at a lesser price. Overall, Wal-Mart and Good Will are positive places in the Menomonie community.

– Alexandra O.


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