Hoffman Hills

Hoffman Hills is a place of peace and serenity. Members of the community can visit this place and expect total relaxation and peace of mind. These hills are a great place to get away from everyday life or to go on a nice hike deep into the woods. At the top of the hill you can find a viewing tower from which you can see all the way back to downtown Menomonie from the top. Hoffman Hills can be different things to different people. For me it is a place I can go to get away, go on a nice hike and relax. For someone else it could be a place of training for a long distance run. To everyone though Hoffman Hills is a place to go to feel at home again.

– Cole A. 

In such a small town, the significance of unique areas are proven to be extremely valuable.  Hoffman Hills is just that.  I got the opportunity to visit Hoffman Hills and although I am not a huge fan, well, not a fan of nature at all! I had a very good time.  I have always been very independent. With this new college atmosphere and being constantly surrounded by people I have noticed myself becoming anxious.  Hoffman Hills offers a getaway for not only myself but others that are experiencing the same struggles. From what I have felt, the woods offer the peace we all deserve to have in our crazy lives. This area is unique because it has a huge tower that us as a group got to climb and peaceful paths throughout the wood. Addressing the tower, I am terrified of heights and the treacherous race to the top was a bit unnerving but as soon as you stare out above the trees the fear becomes lost.  It is amazingly beautiful, something only someone that has seen it can know. Overall, Hoffman Hills plays a huge role not only to the college students but to anyone that just needs to cool down and enjoy themselves!

– Julia A.

During our hiking extravaganza, my group traveled to Hoffman Hills. We weren’t entirely sure what to expect as our bus pulled into the parking lot, but were ready to explore with our walking shoes on our feet and cameras in hand. We found ourselves walking up huge hills and back down the next. The trail was beautiful and wound around corners and corners of towering trees. All was quiet except our voices and crunching leaves on the ground. Everything was gorgeous and we were enjoying the peaceful walk as our own secret getaway from the commotion of our lives. Then we came across our destination, a four story tower on top of the hill. When we panted up the 97 steps, we came to a platform overlooking all of Menomonie. We all stood there and looked in different directions and realized why this was our destination. This tower in Hoffman Hills shows all of Menomonie and how it coincides together. You can see the farm lands all the way to the city streets. It was incredible and so amazing to have a getaway were any member of Menomonie can go to explore and get a little peace and quiet from the city.

– Jamie A.

High above the treetops a mighty tower stands. Nestled among the trees it sits so you must roam through Hoffman Hills to reach it. The trail may be long and dreary, but the sight is worth the sweat. Once upon the tower you have a breathtaking view that will really open your eyes up. It is amazing to see what our world really looks like. We don’t have a very good view from the ground and we can only see a very small part of our world. Upon the tower, instead of seeing just what is in front of us, we can see long and clearly just what we miss out on in our daily lives. The hustle and the bustle of our everyday lives makes us forget to slow down and enjoy life for what it is. We are so dependent on technology and productivity that we may lose our roots all together. Hoffman Hills provides Menomonie a place where people can easily forget about their lives and just kick back and have a great time enjoying the scenery. While exploring Hoffman Hills it’s easy to forget about our stress-filled lives.

It would be a great idea to have a major gathering or picnic in the entrance to the Hoffman Hills. It would be a great way to get the community together and to introduce people to this treasure that is just outside of Menomonie. Many people probably don’t realize what a great place Hoffman Hills actually is and the amazing potential that The Hills Contain. I would recommend anyone to spend a weekend with their family there.

– Zachary A.

The view at the top of Hoffman Hills reminded me of Tim’s hill, a place where my parents have taken me before during the peak of autumn to see the color of the land.  I will probably be back to the Tower this semester to see the leaves and maybe take my boyfriend there for a little trip away from the stress and excitement of college life.  I believe that Hoffman Hills is an important part of this community because it is a great place where people can go to enjoy nature and relax or reflect.  Climbing all the way up is a great exercise and is a free and healthy way to entertain yourself for a few hours.  It is important that the members of the community have a place to go and connect with nature, relieve stress and appreciate their surroundings.

– Jade A.

The trip we took to the Hoffman Hills, located just outside of Menomonie, was a great nature adventure. Our trek up to the looking tower was excellent exercise and made the four-story view even more worth the hike. The hills will also be very pretty as the trees change from greens to oranges in the autumn.

The woods and nature that we passed through was very natural and peaceful. The Menomonie community can use the area for picnics, exercise, photography opportunities, and as a place to enjoy a panoramic view that stretches for miles. As Stout students, we may use the Hoffman Hills as a place to go to relieve stress when we just need to take a break from our studies to enjoy the wildlife environment.

– Rachel B.

On the trip to Hoffman Hills, I couldn’t help but think that this area was a beacon of natural exploration and beauty to the Menomonie area, simply a place for people to escape from the life in the city and view nature for a time. That being said, it served as such a link between all the members of the community, as a place to have shared experiences and entertainments in a relaxed environment. But, as well, the area would no doubt appeal to the more exercise-orientated of the Menomonie citizens, as a workout is sure to be had climbing the various hills and inclines the region features. Given all of that, though, this is not an area that I would be likely to visit again. Its main appeals are the exercise, view, and above all heights, the lattermost being prominently featured in a four-story, at the least, observational tower along the path. To someone that is terrified of heights, making that climb was an experience that would be best to not repeat. And though the area has plenty of viewing value, it is rather static in that value. For my part, I saw no wildlife at all in the Hills, nor even heard any, which was quite strange.

– Dylan B.

Steps, quietly crunching through a calm, cool stand of white pines. Pines whose lower limbs have been suffocated from the fresh, life-giving, sun. Fall time breezes sweep over the trail as we walk up the path to the crest of the tallest hill. A lone tower stands in the meadow. We climb excitedly up the tower; upon arrival at the top, a breath taking view accompanies the wind as it begins to blow stronger and stronger.  Rolling hills miles out, looking like whales coming to the surface, contrast the dark skies on the horizon which are an indication of coming rains.  It’s cool up here, and unbelievingly relaxing.  Memories of being at home seem to sweep through my nostrils, sweet, sweet memories of a younger me.

– Austin B.

A bonding experience with nature. That is what best describes my experience at the Hoffman Hills. The location is remote enough to feel away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I believe this location contributes to the community by offering a tranquil expanse of trees and trails.

– Grant B.

Hoffman Hills is a beautiful natural attraction in the Menomonie Area. It features miles of nature trails leading to a four story observation tower which is essentially a fortress of solitude, peace and tranquility. To me, Hoffman Hills seemed like more of a place where you would go to escape from the pressures of your world as opposed to a place that contributes to a sense of community. That being said, I do not think that it is a bad thing that Menomonie is home to such a type of place. If I had a car with me at Stout, I would most definitely visit Hoffman Hills whenever life became too stressful because as you can see, the view from the observation tower is incredible and calming.

– Daniel B.

Whether it be the monotony of daily routine or the bustle of social life and technology, everyone needs time to get outside of themselves. This is what Hoffman Hills offers the Menomonie area. If a bit of solitude is needed, the walking trails are perfect for a stroll to take in the sound of crisp leaves rustling about your feet. As the fall colors begin to appear, the Tower is breathtaking, and allows a person to survey the area with unobstructed view. Though the city of Menomonie is beautiful, the escape to nature that Hoffman Hills offers seems not only enjoyable, but necessary to visit on occasion for relief from everyday living.
– Ava B.

I’ve lived in Menomonie for just over seven years now. Residing in any location for an extended period of time can create a certain blindness – a stagnant perspective. At first, I was hesitant about confirming my acceptance to UW Stout. I anticipated larger changes, I suppose, in graduating high school. Already, though, I’ve discovered that location isn’t the only influence on perspective. Being submersed in a pool of new minds, experiencing a world that I was beginning to think I knew a little too well, has proven to be one of the most eye opening experiences in my life. (Re)experiencing Hoffman Hills, and learning about the history and culture of our region, with individuals who are just first being exposed to these attributes of Menomonie has provided me with a fresh vision of sorts. This Honors field trip has certainly helped me accept change, even in a ‘reality’ that I have long tried to cement in my mind.

– Robert B.


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