Red Cedar State Trail

The Red Cedar Trail is helpful to the community in many ways. It shows the beautiful parts of Menomonie. It showed the woods, river and unusually rock formations. Red Cedar Trail also allows you to get to know many different people who live in Menomonie. The trail can take you to Dunn County as well to show you another beautiful area in Wisconsin.

I would personally use this area for a beautiful fall walk or bike ride. I liked that it was a flat trail and it wasn’t far outside of town. I want to go to Dunn County on this trail because I can see a beautiful area of Wisconsin and explore a new area. I loved the Red Cedar Trail!

– Kate P.

The Red Cedar State Trail contributes to the community in a few unique ways.  Walking, biking, or running on the trail provides a way to connect with nature and take a break from the city or college life.  It is a wonderful place to go for a relaxing walk with friends or snap some great photographs of the wildlife or river.  The peace and quiet is abundant as well as the calming views.  The trail brings people together through recreational activities and provides a firsthand look at the nature that environmentally conscious people are trying to protect.

Just by walking on the trail, you can tell that it is taken care of very well.  Everything about it is welcoming to the eyes.  There are no potholes or obstructions and there certainly isn’t any garbage to be seen lying around.  The scenery and friendly people you encounter make it all the more welcoming.  I have found nothing to dissuade me from using the trail.  I will continue to use this trail as a great place to go for a run or just enjoy the calm atmosphere.

– Marissa P.

I personally use the Red Cedar Trail for recreational running and to see the beautiful scenery.  The guiding signs and park nearby the trail welcome families and college students alike.  Red Cedar State Trail creates a sense of community for the Menomonie area by bringing together nature lovers and city-goers of all ages as one in the peaceful environment.

– Rachel R.

A place to walk and a place to dream.
A place to reconnect with nature.
And where your mind you can clean.
Not only are you welcome from spring back to spring,
But welcome with encouragement for worries here to bring.
This town, extremely blessed, has the opportunity to share
Such a trail with beauty and history, and the smell of freedom in the air.
So blessed to have a chance to find,
A pathway that for all will connect and bind,
The place where we now call our home
And the community that is now our own

– Bailey R.

The Red Cedar Trail is a great place to go walking or biking. Families can take their young children on walks. Older and younger couples alike can be found walking running or biking together. Students and friends can also be seen enjoying all the trail has to offer. Overall the Red Cedar Trail is a great place for everyone to be active and just enjoy nature.

Personally I will use the Red Cedar Trail to jog and bike with my friends. I find the trail to be welcoming and well kept. There are also several nice views and places to rest on the trail. Everyone can just go at their own pace and only hear the occasional “bike on your left”. The Red Cedar Trail is really peaceful, because it is pretty much only you nature and the people that your with. Overall I had a nice time on the trail with my group and I will definitely go on it again.

– Ellie R.

While exploring Red Cedar State Trail, I not only saw the beauty and wonders of the surrounding wilderness, I saw groups of people enjoying the same scenery that I had enjoyed as well. Nature has an interesting quality to it that pulls people out of their homes and lets them enjoy the nature together as one.

Not only is this trail a place to exercise and stay fit, but a place to see the outside world beyond what we would see in the city. It’s an escape. It is good to stay on the trail that has already been laid out for us, but a venture off the trail can bring a much more close-to-nature experience.

– Hunter R.

Red Cedar Trail is a whimsical place. It is Menomonie’s connection to the outdoors. It is a challenge as much as a relaxation place. When the trail starts it is paved and like a city path, not a real trail, built for a peaceful stroll. The deeper in the more athletic the path became until it was a hiking trail because of its length and the fact that the pavement faded away. The longer I followed the trail the more a home I felt. I grew up on a river, the reeds and river bank we followed really brought me home. It made me feel grounded and safe in the face of the overwhelming transition to college.

A sense of community has a lot to do with how comfortable and at home you feel. I believe that Red Cedar Trail gives people pride in where we are and helps tie this community together. A community is a group of people, but it is also the location of those people. If can’t connect to the people well, but you are in and connected to the place, you belong. I may not have gotten to know any one well yet but I am proud to be here and in a city with such a beautiful place as Red Cedar Trail. I am a part of this community.

– Anonymous

I enjoyed walking down the trail because it gave me an oppertunity to escape from the stress and homework associated with school life and just relax. I enjoyed the smell of fall and decaying leaves that was in the air. I also enjoyed looking at the different people that the trail attracted.

– Tim R.


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