Wakanda Park & Rassbach Heritage Museum

Our trip to Wakanda Park was very interesting. The museum felt very welcoming and it was neatly organized and the displays were eye catching. The park seemed to have a great sense of community because they had many opportunities for people to get involved such as frisbee, baseball and a swim park. Wakanda Park would be a nice place to go for a picnic or just for a peaceful, relaxing day.

Christina S.

The Dunn County Historical Society provides a hands-on source of knowledge on the history of the Menomonie area. Sharing a common history enables people to feel closer to each other by giving them a meaningful connection. Wakanda Park brings the community together as well. It is a place where a variety of people can go to spend time with their family and friends while also meeting new people.

The Dunn County Historical Society was very interesting. I usually think of museums as stuffy and dull but found the exhibits more hands-on. I believe I would have been more excited about the museum as a child due to the play area. However, there were some very intriguing exhibits and I would like to see the rest of the museum.

The Wakanda Park seemed to be very well kept. New playground equipment also gave the location a welcoming feel. I am personally interested in the disc-gulf course and may someday take advantage of the park. I was sad to hear about the condition of the lake. Swimming in it appears to be out of the question due to algae. This is a shame because the lake and surrounding area is quite beautiful.

– Laura S.

My group visited the Dunn County Historical Museum and the Wakanda Park. Both of these places had a very strong tie to the Menomonie community because they were where the town’s roots were recorded. At the museum, we saw the progression from the days of when the Ice Age formed the land to the Native Americans and the artifacts they left behind all the way up to the present and more recent historical events, such as the famous bank robbery. At Wakanda Park there was a less documented form of local history in the form of Indian burial mounds. But there was also an abundance of youth making this town their home as we passed a little league baseball practice by the park and walked past a playground where families were enjoying their afternoons on the way to the burial mounds. All of these locations and events that were show to us that day I had not known about beforehand, but now I definitely feel more connected to the community and the land by knowing a mass of events that it has been through before I came along.

– Emma S.

On the honor’s program Menomonie as text day, my group visited the Historical Society and Wakanda Park. First we visited the Historical Society. The museum is small, but full of interesting artifacts. We started by looking at local fossils, old Indian artifacts like arrowheads, clay pipes and other locally found items. Then we looked at some very cool old photos of lumberjacks and people logging in Menomonie. We also visited the exhibit for the Kraft State Bank robbery which is a well-known historical event. It was fun to see the old pictures and listen to the story. I also found it funny that local families argued about who was present at the time of the robbery.

Then we went to Wakanda Park. The park was beautiful and the playground was very cute. I was happy to see a few families at the park. There was also a disc golf course that was being used by a group. Parks always have a good sense of community. I am always intrigued by parks that are well used. I found the park and the Historical Society both very welcoming; they also both had a sense of small community to them. The people who worked at and contributed to the museum seemed to have a genuine interest and pride in it. I feel really good about my overall experience on my Menomonie as text day.

– Isabel S.

I learned a lot during our Nature walk/Museum tour. I learned a lot about Stouts history at the Dunn County Historical Museum. It adds a sense of community because we learn about Stouts past and how Menomonie became the town it is today. Walking through the park was also very interesting. It was a really nice area for everybody, from families to college students. It was also a really nice getaway from the campus life.

– Ben S.

Touring the Dunn County Historical Museum of Menomonie gives you a great look into the past and at key events that helped shape this town. While at the museum we saw fossils of trilobites, Native American artifacts such as arrow heads, clay pipes, beaded moccasins, and learned about the Craft State Bank Robbery. Then our group walked outside and saw the Wakanda Parks, played on the playground, and saw some buffalo which are part of the Lions Club Game Park. The Wakanda Parks are very family and community oriented which is a great thing. They had baseball and softball diamonds, a frisbee golf course, a water-park and more. And lastly, our group went and saw the Upper Wakanda Mound Group, which are Indian burial mounds and a great piece of history.

– Allison R.

This location serves as a mdidle ground for the community to come together- especially at the park. It’s where people can just come together and have fun. The museum and enclosed buffalo/elk portions bring people with similar interests in nature together.

I thought Wakanda Park would be a nice place to hang out in the future and even study at. The area around the museum was also nice, along with the museum itself, and there were many beautiful trees. I enjoyed our trip and the different views of nature we got to see.

– Veronica S.

I was in group number ten for the City as Text Honors orientation. We visited the Dunn County Historical Society Museum, the upper Wakanda mound group, and the park area of Wakanda. I really enjoyed all the placed we went to. I felt that they really showed how much Menomonie cares about their past and their history. I also thought it made it feel like the community was banding together to create areas were kids could play, the park areas, and learn about their towns history in a fun way. I found that all those areas created a bond in the community. I was very inspired by the dedication that was put forth by the people of Menomonie to preserve the Indian mounds that remained, and to preserve the history of their town. I wish that all towns had the same aspiration to protect and preserve aspects of their history and past like Menomonie does.

– Ashley S.

For having lived in the Menomonie area almost my entire life, it was a wonder that I’d never before to the Dunn County Historical Society Museum. I think it’s great that it’s so accessible and easy for residents to learn about the history of where they live. Seeing the Native American burial mounds were another interesting aspect of this little tour – it’s always strange to see something of historical significance in such a local area. It was a great day, both fun and informative.

– Gina S.

Here is my submission: During our tour of the museum, I was struck by the wealth of history the building contained. It was impressive what a rich and colored history the local area has, and I gained a greater appreciation of the Menomonie community. While we were walking thru the park I got to appreciate the beauty and positive energy of this community space.

– Joel S.


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