Menomonie Neighborhoods

Exploring the Menomonie neighborhoods really introduced me to a lot of college homes. The fraternities and sororities all contribute to the idea that the city of Menomonie is dominated by college students. During the neighborhood walk, I saw more houses owned by college students than anything else. Not only did I witness the houses in the neighborhoods, I also went to a park. At the park there were several college students playing sports and hanging out. The park definitely provides a place for residents of Menomonie to hang out, a very welcoming place for the community. There is also a band shell open for the community to use. The band shell seems very welcoming since Stout does Shakespeare shows for free at the band shell. Overall, the neighborhoods contribute to the college community of Menomonie and the parks seem very welcoming for all.

– Daniel L.

As part of the City as Text program, I was able to tour the local, Menomonie, neighborhoods. Coming from a town nearby, I knew the Menomonie area really well. My family and friends use the town as our place for entertainment and necessities. However I have never gotten the opportunity to really tour the local neighborhoods. Despite living so close to town, I did not have many opportunities to become friends with the kids of Menomonie and therefor mainly visited the public places. Learning about these neighborhoods along with some students who do not know the area allowed me to view it in a different way. Things I would view as simple and ordinary things, others saw as unique or cherished.

I think an appealing aspect Menomonie has to visitors is its ability to be a city with an active town as well as be a calming place where the sky is still visible and people can easily escape the bustle of the city. Menomonie has the perfect mixture of calm and active. The neighborhoods did a fabulous job of showing the busy campus life, the “in between” stage of the sororities and fraternities, and the outer-shell of the campus where other students live. In the center of it all is Wilson Park. This is a place where anyone can spend a calming afternoon playing football, or go out for a night to watch a play. Menomonie accommodates everyone who chooses to live there; they just need to find their spot.

– Kori K.

Menomonie is a very diverse place to have a home.  On the trip we took touring the neighborhoods here, we explored the residential areas of both the college houses and the family houses.  It was quite easy to distinguish the two; the family homes had porch swings and trampolines with SUV type vehicles out in front while the college houses had beaten up couches and fire pits with mopeds and “fixer-uppers” lining the driveway.  I know that the college portion of the neighborhood is going to come in very useful in my later years here at Stout because it felt like a very comfortable and safe place to live and have a house, which can be difficult to find in some college towns.  Overall the community feel was a sense of oneness.  There were no chain link fences to keep out neighbors and there were no frightening dogs with razor sharp teeth threatening us as we walked past.  In fact, there was a central park that hosts free band concerts and Shakespeare performances.  This trip reinforced my idea that Menomonie is a great place to live before, during and after the college years.

– Christine L.

The Menomonie neighborhoods are what create the sense of community in the area. In the neighborhoods the homes come together to create their own atmosphere and identity. Each neighborhood has its own charm which is noticed by the rest of the community, as well as visitors from surrounding areas. This is especially noticed by the freshmen of the UW-Stout system who consider this community as their own. It was exciting to find Wilson Park while walking around the town. Wilson Park is a great place to get away from the busy streets and experience an open, green, and scenic park. This is a place that I will definitely use to get off campus, visit a calming atmosphere, and do some recreational activities with friends.

– Nicole K.

Ever since I first visited Menomonie I have felt like I was still in my home town of Hudson Wisconsin. I feel that way because Menomonie to me looks like Hudson in its architecture and in the way that the city is new in one area and is old near the university. When my group toured the residential area filled with mostly student housing we stopped at Wilson Park. At the park was a large band shell with green benches in front of it. An identical setup is present in Hudson at Lakefront Park and this only reinforced my feeling of being at home here in Menomonie. With this city being so similar to so many other small cities and towns in the upper Midwest I can only think that many of the other students here at Stout feel as welcome as I do here in Menomonie.

– Tim K.

We were assigned to walk the neighborhoods of Menominee. We got to walk and look at some of the houses in the area. We also were shown some of the stores and a park nearby. We got to meet up with another group too and played tug-of-war in the park. It was fun getting to know some new people and older members from the Honors program in a different setting. The neighborhoods, stores, and parks contribute to a sense of community in that they close personal areas. They allow the people of Menominee to get to know each other just through little stores and nearby parks. I think I will use these areas to shop and hang out. They are so close and will give the students of Menominee a place to go. The people and upkeep of these neighborhoods are very welcoming, and there is nothing really dissuading me from those neighborhoods.

– Kassie K.

I went to the Menomonie neighborhoods. We explored the neighborhoods surrounding UW Stout by walking around and looking at them. The majority of these houses are used as off-campus housing for the upperclassmen at Stout. There are also a lot of churches surrounding these neighborhoods, as well as small private schools. The sorority and fraternity houses are also tucked into the neighborhoods. We saw a wide array of different styles of houses – tall houses, short houses, houses with beer cans hung from the rooftops, houses with interesting landscaping, and houses with multiple futons on the porches. It looked like a typical college town neighborhood.

This will have an impact on me later on in my college career because I will want to live off-campus my junior and senior year. These houses are very conveniently located just blocks away from the Stout campus and are perfect for college student housing. They are somewhat of a legacy because I know that many generations of students lived in and made memories in those houses before me.

– Alyson K.

I was able to tour the neighborhoods of Menomonie. We saw the fraternity and sorority houses along with some local houses and businesses.  I think this helps contribute to a sense of community in the Menomonie area because you can see how close everyone is within the community. Walking through town we felt welcomed and I felt at home. I hope to use this sense of community to make connections in the future. The neighborhoods in Menomonie are well kept and inviting, I am happy to have chosen here for college.

– Abby K.

From the small-town grocery store to the friendly homes in the Menomonie neighborhoods to the outdoor theatre, there is plenty of welcome in this city. Chad and Lara were happy to contribute their own personal experiences in certain areas of the neighborhoods, which greatly added to the welcoming atmosphere already present as we walked through the town. I will walk through these neighborhoods more than once during my stay here, and it was helpful to see where certain services were offered, such as the market, gas stations, and even some appealing places to eat out at (when the money is available). The only truly dissuading aspect was the amount of empty beer bottles and garbage from pizza boxes to half a pizza; who wants to live in this mess? I certainly don’t, and I got the true feeling of a college town when I walked by some of these houses.

– Meghan L.


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