Downtown Menomonie

The multiple shops downtown, whether it be the chocolate truffles store or the multiple coffee shops with their spacious places to sit, give a place for community members and students alike to congregate. The unique places to buy things I believe give the people a sense of pride and therefore through this pride in their city bring people closer with a sense of togetherness. I have already used the art store downtown several times to buy supplies for classes. They have a wide selection that fits nearly all my needs. The whole downtown area in general has a very welcoming feel and I wouldn’t hesitate to stop in a store if something catches my eye. I do not utilize the downtown area very heavily right now since many of my needs are met on campus but it is a good spot to mess around on the weekends if I have some free time which is also very welcoming.

– Michael H.

Downtown Menomonie has a comforting, nurturing feel.  It is a thriving and continually growing atmosphere. Whether one is looking for a cozy nook to relax in, a creative shop, or delicious eateries, it can all be found downtown. Strolling along I felt a sense of welcoming spirit from those we talked with and passed by and found myself excited to call this place home for the next few years. I have not had a good opportunity to explore and utilize the downtown area thus far, but from my excursion today I can definitely see myself using many of the local businesses. I look forward to shopping at the boutiques, eating at the restaurants and further discovering what the downtown area has to offer. The businesses that offer unique products and the quaint hometown feel drew me in and the absence of businesses in some of the buildings dissuade me. I would love to see all of the buildings filled with useful and interesting business establishments to further diversify the downtown area.

– Haley H.

The downtown Menomonie area is a fun an inviting place for all types of people.  The new and the historic buildings standing side by side create a sense of progress and strength of community. The fact that people care about the history makes the place more charming, and the new additions show that the town is also maintaining its growth and progress. The area is filled with small shops and cafes and though I personally use the area very little, it could be used for any student looking to get a break from campus life and go out to eat, or shopping. Everything downtown is in walking distance from campus making them easily accessible, and they definitely are built to cater to the college community. At any rate, the downtown is definitely a great place to explore and relax.

– Jason H.

The downtown Menomonie area adds a special sense of community to the UW-Stout campus. The “home-y” feel of each little shop and restaurant invite the people of Menomonie to come together for a time of fun and fellowship. From the cozy couches of The Raw Deal, to the creaky hardwood floors of Legacy Chocolates, shoppers are sure to feel at home in these quaint stores. The warmth of the shop-owners radiates from their welcoming smiles. Anyone who visits downtown Menomonie will feel the small-town hospitality from citizens and restaurant owners, many of which have lived here all of their lives. I, personally, plan to use downtown Menomonie as a place to spend time with my friends, whether shopping, snacking, or studying. Sipping smoothies at The Raw Deal is something I see myself doing to ease the stress of my studies. La Dee Dah is a fun store to browse around in, as well, complete with jewelry and home décor. You can never go wrong when visiting a great antique shop, which also awaits you in the downtown area. Downtown Menomonie is a great place to go for a good time with friends and relaxation.

– Abby J.

For me, most of the time the people make or break a place for me.  The people of downtown Menomonie were very friendly.  The employees in the shops were happy to be in a college community, and were glad to have us there.  With that positive attitude, it gave the area a homey kind of feeling. Now if I were to take a trip downtown, I would hop on over to the antique shop and poke around the stuff there.  I would grab a coffee at the raw deal shop.  Finally, if there are events going on, I would make a visit to the beautiful Mable-Tainter to see it.  Just having that theater makes the whole area an attractive place to be.

– Payton J.

All the different shops seem to be locally owned, and seem to be just what college students are looking for. It’s sort of set up so everyone helps everyone in some way. The people we talked to were extremely friendly and offered us free things as well as info about that business. Well there are lots of different shops perfect for college students. I probably will take many trips to some of the coffee shops and boutiques within walkable distance from campus. There is more than one option for whatever mood you are in, or whatever is on your shopping list. I think this town is just so little and cute! It gives off that friendly and safe vibe to anyone driving by, here for the day, or if you live here. Lots of things are cheap, free, or really nice. It seems like a happy town with an important historical past.

– Karli J.

The downtown area contributes a large sense of community to the area of Menomonie.  Many of the businesses have been in the area for many years so the town folk are familiar with them.  With Menomonie being a smaller town many of the residents know each other.  While in the downtown area I couldn’t help but notice many of the business owners greeted their customers by name and asked various questions like how they or their families are doing.  This really made them seem like they genuinely cared.  If that isn’t a sense of community I don’t know what is.  Beyond that the businesses couldn’t express enough their gratitude for the college students, many saying that the town just isn’t right when school isn’t in session, it made us all feel very welcomed to the area. I think the downtown area is great and I foresee myself venturing there often.  I know that I’ll be visiting Mike’s Art Supply, La Dee Da, and the various coffee shops often. I think the downtown is a very welcoming area of Menomonie.  The architectural style of the buildings shows that Menomonie has a rich history, but since the buildings are well kept I also know that the town cares about its upkeep.  Overall Menomonie’s downtown area has a variety of thinks to offer from clothing stores, to sports shops, to antique shops, the list goes on and on, there is something for everyone downtown.

– Kelsey K.

Downtown Menomonie provides a variety of shops and places of entertainment for all visitors of the town.  It provides a sense of community with a co-op, coffee shops, pizza parlors, and bars. I will be using this area as a place to walk around at night, and it is also a good place to grab a bite to eat when I get tired of eating in the commons.  It is a much bigger town then where I come from with lots more to do.  I will not be able to do the stuff that I normally do, but I will not be bored.

– Brandon K.

Downtown Menomonie creates a sense of community with its historical buildings and small town feeling. Everything is every close to one another, easily within waling distance. Residents we meet have lived here for long periods of time and know a lot about the town and surrounding area.

I use downtown Menomonie a lot. I love to go to the acoustic cafe for coffee, the antique shop to look for gifts and Mikes art supply to buy things for my classes. It’s a beautiful downtown with a very safe small town feeling. I am only dissuaded by the lack of places for the under 21 crowd to go at night, although I believe that will change eventually.

– Rachel H.

The downtown area is one of the best areas in Menomonie to find a superb sense of community. The downtown section is one of the oldest in the town dating back over a hundred years. While some of the buildings and shops were not there during those days they have all been there for as long as some residents can remember. A few prime examples of this were that everyone we spoke to in town has a history there. They almost all seemed to have been born and raised in Menomonie. They had a love for the place and were not able to leave. Everybody was warm and welcoming to strangers, eager to share their story and what they loved about this little town. To me, this is the kind of community I would love to call myself a part of. Everyone knows everybody and the overall atmosphere is inviting.

From what you just read, you can tell I am a big fan of the downtown area. I plan to personally use it by visiting the shops and supporting the local economy by buying their products. The chocolate shop sounds like a fun place to go for my birthday as well. I want my free chocolate.

– Jake J.


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