Hoffman Hills

Hoffman Hills

When you get tired of the city or dorm life you should check out Hoffman Hills. These hills are great for sight-seeing, hiking, or just some fresh air. It’s a great natural getaway. There is a lot of beauty to take in from all the different sorts of plants and wildlife. There is a tower to climb where you can see a mixture of tall hills and wide plains. The Hoffman Hills are even a great to place to visit in the winter because it has many cross country skiing routes. Hoffman Hills is just one of the many locations that make Menomonie a great city.

– Layne B

A selection of UW-Stout honors students and I visited Hoffman Hills, in Menomonie, Wisconsin. Hoffman Hill’s offers a large amount of trails for everyone to explore and enjoy. This would make a great place for a weekend stroll with friends and family in the summertime, or cross country skiing when the thermometer drops. There is a vast array of vegetation and wildlife which makes you feel more connected to the natural world. A several story tower buried within the greenery offers a breathtaking view of the community.  I envision myself coming here with a group of friends to take in the scenery and distract ourselves from our busy lives. I must warn you, bring a nice pair of hiking shoes, because there are some steeps hills to climb. Back home in Markesan, an hour north of Madison, there are trails much like this, which friends and I liked to roam. It’s like a little slice of home away from home. In all, Hoffman Hill’s is a great place to visit, and if you find a free weekend, I suggest you give it a visit.

– Brice B

The trip to Hoffman Hills was a chance to disconnect from the noisy, city life, to learn about and appreciate the surroundings, and enjoy a genuine conversation.  Having Hoffman Hills in the Menomonie area allows people to enjoy nature all year round.  Whether it is hiking in the summer or cross-country skiing in the winter, the park is well kept and open for many one of a kind adventures.  Nature, at Hoffman Hills and other park areas, allow people to relax, listen to their surroundings, and to indulge in a peaceful, healthy moment in an otherwise busy and active life.  A community that can keep itself healthy and maintain its nature for the next generations is always a nicer place to live, and only adds to Menomonie’s charms.

-Grace B

Our trip to Hoffman Hills was breathtakingly beautiful; It a place of scenic views, all kinds of nature, and endless trails to hike. It reminded me of my home town a lot, because even though you really think of industry and agriculture within Menomonie, there are small places that offer beautiful views and attractions. My home town is the same way; within the town, there are schools and corporations, but when you take the time to explore, you can find the most amazing things. I think Menomonie is very fortunate to have places like Hoffman hills to create a sense of community. Hoffman Hills would be the perfect place to host fun events like Halloween hayrides, and picnics that could easily bring a small town together. I can definitely see myself going back to Hoffman Hills as a place to relax and relieve stress from a hard class or project and just hike trails, sit up in the tower, or even just sit on one of the many scenic benches. I’m glad I took the time to explore around Menomonie, and find places that add value to the town as a whole.

-Megan B

The walk through Hoffman Hills was absolutely beautiful. It reminded me a lot of my hometown, Winona. Winona consists of rolling hills, breathtaking views, and dense forests. The actual town of Menominee is rather flat, but Hoffman Hills had actual elevated landscapes. On the hike, it was really comforting to see forests and hills since Winona is known for its really pretty bluffs. I felt like I could’ve been on a hike on one of Winona’s many windy trails. We also went up to a tower that overlooks the entire area and in Winona we have a rock carved out of the bluff which overlooks all of Winona. I thought it was really cool that Hoffman Hills and Winona both have lookouts that enable one to view the surrounding scenery. I love hiking because it helps me to feel a sense of community with the surrounding nature and the people I hike with. I would love to use Hoffman Hills as a place to go to when I feel stressed from school because it allows me to be in the fresh air and feel free from the confines of schoolwork. I now know a beautiful hiking place that I can go to with my friends!

-Heidi B

For the City as Text Honors Activity I was a member of group one that went to Hoffman Hills. It was a very beautiful place and I really enjoyed the sights on the trails. It was a really beautiful place to go. The rest of my group and I agreed that it was a great place to go if you want a place to relax and go to see nature. I really enjoyed climbing the Tower and seeing the skyline view of the rest of the nature park. The other place that we went to was a pond that was nearby in the wetland area of Hoffman Hills. Hoffman Hills is a place that creates a sense of community by the bonding between the people that you go there with. Hoffman Hills is a great place to go with friends if you want to go hiking together. It’s a great place to go to relax and get away from the city and out of the dorms. Hoffman Hills is very peaceful and I would recommend the Hills to anyone in Menomonie.

Like I said before, I thought that Hoffman Hills is a great place to go with a group of friends. It would be a fun place to go at night and see the stars from the Greg Schubert Memorial Tower.  The pond that we saw would also be a great place to see the stars from too. I grew up in Albert Lea Minnesota and we have an outdoor trail called Helmer Myrie park that is very similar to Hoffman Hills. I like going there and now that I know about Hoffman Hills I would love to go there as much as possible. Overall, I enjoyed the experience of the City as Text activity; I took some beautiful pictures from both the tower and the pond.

-Megan B

Hoffman Hills is a breathtakingly beautiful component of the city of Menominee. It is a great place for community members to hike and a great place for groups to meet for activities to contribute to a sense of community. The area provides a great opportunity for all and is a way to remember past Menominee.

This is the perfect area for Stout students to utilize in their free time. It can be used as a learning experience or change in scene for an exercise routine. Hoffman Hills is a great escape for students who need a wilderness getaway or just a peaceful area to relax. I hope I get to use this area a lot during my time at Stout. In comparison to my hometown of Hortonville, WI, Hoffman Hills is a beautiful park area that offers great resources for the surrounding community. In my town, the parks are small and their impact is minimized by the towering buildings. Hoffman Hills is an excellent example of how parks can affect the landscape of the community. Parks like Hoffman Hills should be in every community, but unfortunately most cities don’t have to space to put in such a large and effective area. I’m glad my town has a few parks to call its own, but seeing Hoffman Hills has shown me what my town is missing.

Hoffman Hills was a great experience and I’m so glad I got to share it with fellow honors students. I hope that I can share the peaceful place we discovered with other students and offer an escape from the hectic and loud dorms and campus life. Hoffman Hills was a peaceful escape and a perfect way to start discovering all Menomonie has to offer.

-Amanda B

I think the Hoffman Hills definitely gives the Menomonie area a sense of community. The trails and scenery we saw was very unique and can bring people together because it is something the community can appreciate. I would use Hoffman Hills as a place to get away from everything. It would be great place to get away from all the craziness of living in the city. I would go there to find some peace and relaxation. It is similar to where I grew up in the sense that there are also “getaway” places in nature you can go to relax. Although the two places are similar in many fashions, there are still differences between them so that I can still appreciate each of them for their own unique qualities. I recommend Hoffman Hills to everybody as a place to find some peace.

-Shawn A

Today my group and I went on a trip to Hoffman hills. I really enjoyed the trails and scenic views that this park offers.  I can easily see myself going back to relax from a long week at school, get to know someone better or just reflect on my life. My hometown has a several similar protected areas around a local lake. This great place helps to keep our community better connected to nature as well as providing a retreat from the townscape.

-Robert B

My group hiked through Hoffman hills, visited together, took pictures, and admired scenery. Nature areas like Hoffman Hills remind me of home and having areas you can go to with friends and loved ones as a getaway from the city. A way to get back to nature and enjoy time in the fresh air getting to know your friends, family, and community. It is also a good escape to go alone and get to know yourself better. I appreciate the simplicity of escaping the city and also the incredible detail in the nature that surrounds us.

-Emily B


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