Menomin Park

Shoreline at Menomin Park

Having the opportunity to explore the Lake Menomin Park was a great experience.  This area provides Menomonie with a scenic place for community members to participate in multiple activities.  People can mountain bike, snow shoe, play catch, or just sit down and enjoy a picnic.  I could envision myself using this park in the future to bring my family there and enjoy a day outside.  I could also use this place to get off campus and just enjoy the outdoors.  I like Lake Menomin Park because I did not have a park like this back in my hometown.  It is unique and different from Rice Lake because it provides a place for people to get outside and really enjoy nature and company.

– Zachary D.

I was in group 2 and we went to Lake Menomin Park. Our journey was started by getting dropped off on the side of the road next to a long dirt road with no end in sight, I was a tad skeptical at this point. My first impression of the park was that it was really plain with nothing to it and could not see the point of bringing us there. We split our group into smaller groups and I walked with Zach and Nic. We randomly picked a path and started walking. We walked along the lake for a while which unfortunately is green and smelly, due to the cyanobacteria. The paths we had taken to get there were beautiful woods but the fact that the lake was so gross made you forget about the serenity that you had just walked through.

My group went where no one else did. We came across a prairie where the flowers and grass were as tall as we were and couldn’t even see the other side, it was absolutely breath-taking. We walked all around it and marveled at the beauty of it. It was so weird to think that that land could have been something other than prairie land. As we kept going I felt as if I was walking through the meadow like in Wizard of Oz. It was a super cool experience even though we were sweating our butts off.

After this experience and knowing that it exists, I can definitely see why it was on our list to explore. It is a wonderful place to take family or friends and have a picnic and explore the great outdoors. With the multitude of paths that are offered, it could even be possible not to see anybody and feel like the entire place is yours. I really hope to show my friends this area, especially when feeling overwhelmed by school, it is a great way to clear your mind and escape the pressures of school and the city life.

– Kayla C.

The Lake Menomin Park is very similar to parks at my hometown of Phillips, Wisconsin.  the park has the trails in the forest and a view of a lake shared by the Phillips High School Forest.  This park also has the proximity to a factory building shared by Lionite Park (Lionite being a paper-mill and the one near Lake Menomin Park being owned by 3M).  Because of this, I may use the park as a way to stay connected to my hometown without driving back all the time (I still miss my family, Though!).

– Joshua D.

City as Text was actually not my first honors event that I was given the chance to go to this previous week, this however does not diminish its importance to me. Getting a chance to see the sheer amount of new freshman students like myself that have made it into the Honor’s College, along with both the learning and social aspects that were involved with it, made me glad that I was given the opportunity to go to Lake Menomin Park. My group was led by Tom Pearson, and for our trip, we got to explore the area near Lake Menomin. For the park having a Lake in its name, I was surprised by how little access to the lake there was at the park. From what I saw however, the park was in fairly good condition and I personally was surprised by the fact that there were mountain biking trails that were all over the edge of the lake. It felt like there were not as many visitors to the park as there once was, but I felt like it was it still had the potential to be a fun meeting place for some friends, possibly to go mountain biking or even a picnic. Overall I’m glad I got the chance to meet some new people, and enjoy a new area.

– Nicholas C.

Lake Menomin Park is an important place for the residents of Menomonie to be able to use as individuals and as a community. In the ever-changing world we live in today, we have become less in tune with the people around us. Whenever we feel out of place in a situation, we can avoid it with the touch of a button transferring us to a text message, game or other distraction. Lake Menomin Park is a lovely area for physical recreation with it’s many hiking and mountain biking trails. Yet there is much more offered in Menomin Park than the benefits of physical exercise. The park is located near 3M factory, but feels secluded at its removed location from the town and road. Wandering the trails this Saturday I felt calm and relaxed, leaving whatever thoughts I had by the entrance to the park. This is a place to bring your family for an afternoon of fun and relaxation. To remove yourself from the technology that interrupts so much of what is right in front of us. Menomin Park is a place to go alone or in a group; either way finding respite and refreshment from whatever is darkening your thoughts.

– Kylie B.

The park serves as a place for the public to convene. This area is populated with mountain bike trails winding through the woods, making it a location in which athletes can exercise their passion for biking. Not only is this a place a source of community for bikers, but also maybe a good place for coming to fish down by Lake Menomin or for taking a walk through the woods. This area is open to all in the community. The open area containing picnic tables provides an opportune place for community gatherings. This area is a good place for members of the community to enjoy peaceful natural surroundings and to reconnect with the landscape. I envision myself using this park for taking nature walks to take photos as resources for my artwork. I often incorporate nature into my art, and the landscape of this area is rich with details that could enhance my work. In comparison to my home of Maple Grove, Minnesota, this park has a likeness not so much to the parks in my suburban hometown, but a likeness to the nature areas available. Just as these nature areas back home allow plants to grow wild and vivaciously, so does the landscape of Menomin Park hold virtuous to the ways of nature, and not to the disruptions of humankind. I appreciate how very few alterations were made to the park for accommodating people. The paths are unpaved, unlike the concrete paths of my suburban life back home.

– Mackenzie C.

My group was sent to Lake Menomin Park.  This park is a place where the community of Menomonie can appreciate nature.  There are trails throughout the park and areas that one can relax and enjoy the view of the lake. During my time at UW-Stout this park would be nice to visit when I want to get away from the dorms and reflect. Additionally, a group picnic to this park would be a fun plan. This area is similar to the Thousand Island Nature Center in my hometown, Kaukauna. There are trails that many people like to use whether they are running, biking, or snowshoeing in the winter.  The Fox River runs through the nature center as well. A difference between the two areas would be that we did not see any animals in Lake Menomin Park whereas in Kaukauna there are lots of geese especially.

– Anne C.

We visited Lake Menomin Park for our “City as Text.” This place is open to all of Menomonie to go and enjoy the beauty of nature. A family or neighborhood could have a friendly picnic in the grassy area or a group of students can go explore the woods on their mountain bikes. To be honest I probably will not use this area very much in the years while I am at UW-Stout. I am in cross country and unless I will be running the trails within the woods my experiences there will be slim. Although, Lake Menomin Park is a great way to get away from ones problems of life. This area was very different than my city of Neenah. Neenah’s parks consist of mostly playgrounds with the occasional woods. Usually these parks are filled with kids in a daycare service or students hanging out after school. Overall, though, I did enjoy this adventure to the park. The nature helped me relax and not feel so stressed out about the homework awaiting me back at my dorm.

– Sydnee B.

Lake Menomin Park allows people to get out of the typical daily life in Menomonie and  enjoy some time outside and with their friends. It also creates a space where people in the community can get together and form better relationships. There were lots of trails and single-track bike trails in the park. So I would spend my time with my friends, mountain biking on the trails and generally around the park. Lake Menomin Park is very different from where I live. Our parks back in Minnetonka are more regulated, requiring passes or a fee to enter most of the parks. The trails are also mostly paved or wider than those at Lake Menomin. Also the lakes by where I live are much cleaner and available for swimming. So generally Lake Menomin is just much smaller than what I’m used to.

– Brendan B.

Our group took a trip to Lake Menomin Park and it gave off a very peaceful vibe.  It almost seemed as if you were able to let go of your troubles for the time being there, relax, and use the beautiful scenic trails as therapy.  Community members can also use the park for not only an escape from reality, but also use it to for recreational purposes such as hiking, mountain biking, and snowshoeing.  I could not only see myself using Menomin Park for the recreational aspect, but definitely an escape from the chaos on campus.  It will be a place where I will be able to clear my mind and forget the problems present in my life at the moment, but it will also give me an opportunity to reflect on my life compared to where I want to be. Menomin Park reminds me of the small town I grew up in.  The park is similar to the one I had in my hometown with the ability to hike and being able to be around the lake with such a beautiful view.  The main difference I saw between the two was that I always see wildlife in the park back home, but at Menomin Park it seemed to lack the wildlife yet provide an adventurous experience.

– Kayla B.


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