Public Library and Lake Menomin


Melissa S.

The trip to the library and Lake Menomin felt to me like a journey through the old and the new. As you walked along the street, you could only imagine what it must have looked like in its hey-day, lined with the mansions of the wealthy logging barons. Only a few of those ornate mansions are left standing today. The cars rush by on paved highway, much different from the dirt paths that used to connect the city sites. In the library, you experience the smell of the old books in contrast to the gleaming cases of DVD and Blu-Ray disks. While observing man-made Lake Menomin, it’s hard not to see the consequences of modern agriculture on the lake. Blue-green algae is heavily present on the lake, leaving a thick layer of green sludge and a pungent smell in the air. These places that we visited are significant parts of Menomonie’s recreation and relaxation. I hope that something can be done to help get Lake Menomin back in top condition, so that others may enjoy its beauty and value in the future.

Hannah R.

The Menomonie Public Library is an essential hub of social interaction and impressive display of the historical pride Menomonie citizens hold. As the city was built upon Lake Menomin and the economic development harbored in the lumber industry that flourished through it, it is only fitting that the library be designed to overlook this great demonstration of the very resource that constructed Menomonie.  The library creates a greater sense of community, not only through its exemplary exhibit of the historical context that created this city, but through the literature it provides to the citizens. The library offers literature in many different media. In this technology driven world, the library has clearly kept with the times and offers both eBooks and Audiobooks for mobile devices; however, for people like me who are tactile and find half the enjoyment in good literature within the texture of the pages, they also offer a wide variety of hard copies of books.

Overall the Menomonie Public Library is a vital stitch in the seam that holds this community together. It brings the citizens of Menominee together through the love of literature, appreciation and pride in their rich cultural history, and perhaps most importantly, free air conditioning.

Shannon S.

The Menomonie Public Library is located on Lake Menomin in the heart of the city. This library is a place that brings the community together. All ages and cultures can find something here. The library holds many events which allow the residents of Menomonie to come together as a community. I plan to use this library as a place to study or just hang out when I need time away from the campus. It has a large selection, from old history books to new popular CD’s. The Menomonie Public Library reminds me a lot of the library in my hometown, Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Both libraries hold a lot of historical significance for their city and hold many events to bring their communities together.

Dakota S.

My group was assigned Lake Menomin and the public library. For myself, the library was more interesting. The library was full of members of the Menomonie community, both young and old.  Mothers and fathers brought their children in to rent books and look at magazines.  The Menomonie public library reminds me much of the library in my home town, and it seems to serve the same purpose. The library was conveniently located right next to Lake Menomin.  Because of its prime location, one can sit and read a book of one’s choice while having the ability to occasionally look up and see the beautiful emerald green lake out of the windows.  Overall, the library is a great community hub for the city of Menomonie.

Gjerda R.

Let’s get to it: Lake Menomin is gross. It’s covered in slime, it smells disgusting, and it’s right in the center of town. Walking through Menomonie without smelling something unpleasant is nearly impossible, and it’s the lake’s darn fault. It sucks right now, but imagine how cool it would be if the lake wasn’t a horrid cesspool. If there was a way to clean up the lake and promote tourism, it could be a wonderful way to unite the community. Although Lake Menomin isn’t
great right now, its potential to be a clean, fun, historic place should also be recognized.

Caylin R.

The Menomonie Public Library offers the community of Menomonie a refuge for those eager to learn something new or those simply looking for something to do with countless numbers of resources for both educational and entertainment purposes.  Inside of the building resides row upon row of books, magazines, and movies.  The topics vary from the latest fiction novel to non-fiction readings on historical events.  Patrons can catch up on the latest gossip or find new craft ideas in the magazine section with magazines for every age and personality.  Families will have fun picking out a movie or two for movie night, and they might even find a good craft book with ideas ranging from duct tape wallets to simple home improvement ideas.  The library offers Internet connectivity for those who need it, which is a convenient asset for college students looking to get off campus and into a more peaceful environment. Close to the library is the man-made lake, Lake Menomin.  This lake, when the temperature is nice and the algae is at a low, provides the community with a nice area to go fishing and boating.  College students and families will both enjoy the park right by the docking area.  It is a fun place for the kids to play and is a great destination for a picnic with friends and family.  Both the library and the lake are the perfect size for Menomonie’s smaller community and are great places for families and college students who are looking for something to do or for somewhere to explore.

Allison R.

The community of Menomonie seems to revolve around Lake Menomin.  I say this because one cannot travel through Menomonie without navigating around the lake.  Therefore, it is only natural that the library be a large part of the community as well, due to its location by the lake.  When we went inside the library, there was such a sense of belonging that washed over me.  I found it to be very similar to the library in my hometown.  After just a few moments, I was able to tell that it is a wonderful place for families and people of all walks of life to meet.  I foresee myself using the library during my time at Stout if I ever need to escape the daily grind of college, find a good book, or encounter free air conditioning.

Josh R.

My group went to the library and the Lake Menomin.  The library is in a very convenient location and everyone has access to it.  The library has a great view of the lake.  One interesting fact I learned about Lake Menomin is that it is an artificial lake.  This is sort of like a symbol of Menomonie’s past as a prosperous town with local businesses focusing on logging and brickwork.  I grew up on Lake Winnebago which can get quite green, but never have I seen a lake as green as Lake Menomin.  The little town surrounding the bigger lake reminds us of how in Menomonie’s past all small things were put together to create something great.  I do not really envision myself using the park, library, or lake while I am in Menomonie.  In comparison to the town I am from, Menomonie is much smaller and much newer, but nonetheless there is a true sense of community here.

Alyssa R.

I think the Menomonie Public Library is a great community gathering spot that offers numerous views of Lake Menomin.  When visiting the library, I noticed residents from every walk of life enjoying its services and benefiting from its generous staff members.  Every town has its community “hot spot” which everyday life revolves around.  Lake Menomin is Menomonie’s welcome to not only tourists, but long-time residents as well.  I’m very familiar with this concept because hailing from the land of 10,000 lakes, it’s almost impossible to not understand the role that just a simple body of water can play in bringing a community together.  In the future, I can definitely picture myself studying on a peaceful park bench, or on days like today, surfing the web in the comfort of the air-conditioned library.

Corey S.

A library, almost by definition, is a gathering place in a community.  It has many attractions ranging from books, children’s programs, and free internet and air conditioning.  Everyone can use it, because everyone pays for it.  In reality, a library is a very simplistic concept, yet it can be a vital part of a community.  A community without a library is one with something clearly missing.  The trouble is, a community with a library tends to overlook the fact that they are fortunate enough to have this resource.  Unlike a natural resource, this one takes human effort to keep up and running and to keep providing to a community.  Menomonie is fortunate to have such a nice library, one that helps bring the community together.

Cassidy R.

Nestled on the edge of Lake Menomin, the public library provides a relaxing place to enjoy Menomonie’s lakeside community atmosphere. The perfectly-sized structure was designed for quiet reflection and privacy, with comfy corners and wide windows to gaze at the water from a comfortable chair. Secluded towers of books filled with adventure, drama, and information draw all ages from the community to a quiet summer afternoon. A safe and productive destination is provided for Menomonie youth interested in literature and current events, assisting in their growth as citizens of the community. It will provide an excellent study area and getaway during the school year.

Lake Menomin is backed by a rich history in its role in the industries that built Menomonie. Creating a center, the lake serves as part of the community’s identity. While the condition of the water is very different to what I’m accustomed to, it provides a picturesque area for recreation and studies, with many benches and comfortable areas.

Hannah R.

The library in Menomonie is, I believe, a necessary hub of communication and learning in the city, which more than does its part in contributing to the community’s academic, literary, and social health. As a public building, a library has its worth fully realized when it is used to its full potential by the public at large. Happily, this was certainly the case here. I had the opportunity to meet people of all ages, classes, and walks of life. In short, the library in Menomonie admirably performs its duties as both a place of academic growth and where people in the community can come together as real equals in their quest for knowledge.

Library and Lake group


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