Red Cedar Trail

Red Cedar Trail

My experience today with the Red Cedar Trail has been opened with a lot of different questions that may take some time to get answer, but in the midst of it all it was a great place with a lot of history to it. The actual trail would be a great place for exercise and bike rides during the year, there’s a lot that can be done with this area when it comes to huge gatherings or special events that the town may hold. One of the questions was in comparison to the city or town where you grew up, what is the different or similar about the area? For me growing up in Milwaukee which is a big city, I never had been around a lake that was polluted. Lake Michigan isn’t the cleanest lake in the world but it’s also not harmful to us when we go for a swim or just even stick our feet in it. I have never be to a place where the lake has been dangerous to people and animals, so that would be the biggest difference between here in Menomonie and Milwaukee.

-Javante W-H.

The Red Cedar Trail provides a place for people to gather with friends and family, as well as promoting healthy living in the area. The trail can be utilized for a variety of different activities throughout all four season here in Wisconsin. As a student at UW-Stout, I could see the trail and surrounding park as a good place to go with friends to play games, talk and do other outdoor activities. Where I am from, there aren’t many places like the Red Cedar Trail, so this was a different experience for me overall. The scenery was beautiful in comparison to the city and offers a temporary escape from the rush and stress of life.

-Carley W.

The Red Cedar Trail creates a sense of community in the Menomonie area by giving people in the community a place to get together. It can be used to hold picnics or a place to exercise. It can also be used to view the scenery or take photos because it is a beautiful place. While I’m at Stout I will use the Red Cedar Trail as a place to relax as well as an area to exercise. I enjoy running outdoors and the trail is a perfect area for that. I grew up in Grand Marais, MN which is full of trees and lakes. I’m used to seeing them everywhere I go. Therefore, the Red Cedar Trail reminds me a lot of home. It is a little different than the trails at home though. At home the trails aren’t paved and run through the woods. They are very rough. Overall, the Red Cedar Trail was a very beautiful place and I’m glad I got the chance to see it.

-Katie V.H.

The Red Cedar Trail is a gorgeous, secluded park where the people of Menomonie can retreat to for both solace and the chance to reconnect with nature. The park itself is a great area to gather as a family or community to spend time relaxing or mingling with one another. The Red Cedar Trail, which winds through the park and throughout other parts of Menomonie, offers the community a great way to both exercise and enjoy the day. People can walk, run, and bike down the trail in the spring, summer, and fall, then during the winter, they can snowshoe or cross country ski. If anything, the trail offers a scenic way to stay active and healthy.

Personally, I believe I will take advantage of the Red Cedar Trail year round. As an avid biker, the trail provides me a safe way to work out in the mornings. In the winter, the trail will be perfect to cross country ski, something I greatly enjoy. I also hope to return with friends to just enjoy the peaceful feeling of the area. I believe it would be a great spot for picnics!

At my hometown of Darboy, WI, we have a similar area called High Cliff State Park. Like Red Cedar Trail, it is a great place for the community to exercise and reconnect with nature or the community. Both Red Cedar Trail and High Cliff are great resources to take advantage of; to stay healthy and to stay grounded in a rushed society.

-Megan V.

The Red Cedar Trail is one of Menomonie’s many great natural resources. It provides an outlet for the entire community to enjoy nature while only travelling a short distance from Broadway. The park located at the trail head serves as a meeting place and informational hub. Any hiker, biker, or cross country skier can find sufficient information on the trail at the repurposed train station which is now the visitor center. This access to a common experience helps to give the area a unique modern culture and identity.

As a member of the community, I know that I can personally take advantage of the trail by going on long runs before it becomes too cold to do so. Because it formerly housed a railroad, the Red Cedar Trail provides easy terrain that stretches all the way between Menomonie and Eau Claire while passing by multiple smaller communities as well. In my hometown of Poynette, Wisconsin, the only nature trail within walking distance of downtown is a short out-and-back trail that can be completed in less than an hour. It also has very hilly and difficult terrain including sand and warped footbridges. The Red Cedar Trail is certainly a part of Menomonie that should be well used and preserved.

-Jake W.

The Red Cedar Trail is an important piece of Menomonie because it provides a sense of community. It does this by being a place where people can come together to exercise, eat, and engage in various other activities that have the power to bring people together. Also, it encourages a healthy lifestyle by providing a safe environment surrounded by the beauty of nature. Since I am form an area where there are not many nature trails it was very different for me to be submerged in a pure nature scene filled with various bugs and musky smells. Being from a big city this experience was new to me; therefore, it was a bit challenging to get accustomed to, but that’s what new experiences are all about. This trip was personally rewarding because I was able to open up to and accept something I was not used to, and that is a lesson that can be applied into all aspects of my life. It is especially important currently to be open to new people and ideas here at college in order to get the most out of it.

-Shelby W.

Red Cedar Trail contributes a sense of community to Menomonie by having a park area and nature reserve at which community events can be held (e.g. picnics, weddings, family gatherings).

I would use Red Cedar Trail as a place for recreation such as bike riding or taking a walk.

In my hometown of DeForest, we have a bike trail leading across the town. This trail is much smaller than Red Cedar, but also has a park and functions as a nature reserve. Red Cedar also has a river flowing through it, and the quality of its water has attracted much attention due to its high level of phosphorus. In my hometown, the small creek that runs through town and next to the trail does not have this problem, however, the town holds an event to clean up the river and its surroundings, suggesting an issue with litter.

-Jake W.

During my city as text experience I visited the Red Cedar Trail. This trail contributes to a sense of community in Menomonie because of the many opportunities for different group activities. Hiking, camping and the park area can all be enjoyed by groups to spend more time with other Menomonie residents. The trail is also an area that residents of Dunn County can be proud of because of its beauty. Throughout my time at UW-Stout I could use the Red Cedar Trail as an area to relax, exercise, read, or have fun with a group of friends. Cross country skiing on the trails would also be a new experience that I could try in the winter.

My experience in Menomonie has shown me that it is quite a different experience than I would have at home. Coming from Milwaukee, the opportunities to enjoy nature are rarer but can be found. Although the trail is different than my time in the city, the experience reminded me of the summers I spend in northern Wisconsin surrounded by nature. My times in both a large city and in the woods of Wisconsin have helped me to appreciate the beauty and opportunity in both locations.

– Nora W.

For my city as text location of Red Cedar Trail, we explored the walking trails as well as the sitting areas and a small park. The Red Cedar Trail contributes to the sense of community in Menomonie as a way for people to exercise and enjoy its natural beauty. Whether it is running, biking, walking, or even some winter activities like cross country skiing, The Red Cedar Trail offers many physical activities to engage the community of Menomonie. Personally, I will use this trail primarily for running since I am an avid runner.

In comparison to my hometown in Illinois, there are many similarities. This surprised me considering how far I am away from Menomonie. There are two trails near my home that are very similar to the Red Cedar Trail. One is the Stonebridge Trail, which was originally a railroad bed then turned into a 20 mi long path for running and biking. The other is Rock Cut State Park which has multiple hiking and running trails and a lake used for activities such as fishing and kayaking. The Red Cedar trail is very similar to those two locations from where I live, and I definitely will be going there many times.

-Sarah W.

The Red Cedar Trail is a beautiful and serene place to go anytime of the year; its uses are endless. In the spring and summer months it is a great place to go biking, walking, and picnicking with friends and classmates. The beautiful trees and quiet atmosphere make it an ideal place to study off campus during this time of year. In the winter, the Red Cedar Trail is perfect for cross-country skiing or just winter-weather sightseeing.

I think the trail can add a great sense of community to the town of Menomonie if used as a group outing location. It would be a fantastic place for a group study session, or even a board game competition. The group possibilities are endless at the Red Cedar Trail.

In my hometown of Mount Vernon, Iowa, there is a similar park to the Red Cedar Trail of Menomonie. Palisades Park is about five miles out of town and is more based around hiking and walking rather than biking, but the abundance of picnic tables is comparable. Palisades also sits on the ledge or a river like the lake by the Red Cedar Trial.

-Katelyn W.

The red cedar trail is clearly one of the most beautiful places in Menomonie. While I was there I witnessed a variety of insects, plants, flowers and trees. I also got to see a glimpse of how citizens were using the trail. There were lots of bikers and walkers getting their daily exercise. People were socializing over the grill or fishing in the river. There was even a wedding party using the scenery as a backdrop for their photos. It was clear that the community of Menomonie has found many different purposes for this area based on individual interest.

I also imagined myself using the trail for exercise in all seasons of the year. Running in the fall, skiing in the winter, Frisbee in the spring and summer. While I was walking down the trail I also thought it might be a nice place to just get away from campus and clear my mind before or after a stressful day or test.  This break from the routine is what I used the trail for in my home town of Owatonna. The trail system there was relatively the same with bridges and trees. Both trails had the same calming feeling even though the areas were in two different states. Overall I believe Menomonie has a place to be proud of in the Red Cedar Trail.

-Spencer V.

The Red Cedar Trail is a great thing for the Menomonie Community.  It has paths and wide open spaces that could be used for many different activities.  You could go with a group of friends and run or bike or just walk on the trails.  Likewise, you could get a group together and have a picnic or some other sort of gathering.  It is also a very beautiful area.  You could go there alone to get away from everything for a while.  I see myself using the Red Cedar Trail for many of these purposes.  I enjoy exercising and being in nature, so I will probably end up running or biking out there at some point this year.  I may also try cross country skiing.  If I get into photography and get a nice camera, I will definitely head out there to take some pictures.  In comparison to my hometown, Menomonie is very similar, except bigger.  My hometown has parks with trails that aren’t nearly as big.  The trails we have there are only about a mile long at most and either gravel or dirt.  There are also less bodies of water there.  Overall, I enjoyed the visit to the Red Cedar Trail and I will definitely go back.

-Nik Z.


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